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    Adjusting Air Compressor Pressure Switch 120V

    Adjusting air compressor pressure switch 120V rated voltage/ current 120VAC/24A, work in -10℃~60℃ and interface standard 1/4 or 3/8 internal screw. Pressure adjustment range 2.5~35kgf/cm² and long electrical life of 100,000 times. Equipped with compact steel case, relief valve to avoid overload. Good air tightness and stability. Wiring, protection level, and contact material can all be customized. Used in tap water, oil, water pump, air compressor and so on.
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    Adjusting air compressor pressure switch 120V work in temperature -10℃~60℃, come with relief valve, which can avoid overload. Shell material cast aluminum and pressure adjustment range 2.5--35KGF/cm². Air compressor pressure switch can be used in harsh industrial environments, high stability and good performance.


    Model LF17 LF17A
    Pressure adjustment range kgf/cm² 2.5-17.5 1.0-4.2     17-35
    Pressure adjustment range kgf/cm² (set value) 2.5-4.2 1.0-1.5 4.0-5.0
    Factory setting kgf/cm² 10.0-12.5 2.0-3.0 23-28
    Rated voltage/current AC 120V/24A;AC 240V/20A 120V AC/30A
    240V AC/25A
    Contact method Normally closed
    Pressure setting closed 6.0kgf/cm²; disconnect 8.0kgf/cm²
    Interface standard 1/4 internal screw 3/8 internal screw
    Protection function Edge of safety
    Application range Hydropower, tap water, oil
    3C rated voltage range 36V and below
    Operating temperature -10℃~60℃
    Shell material Cast aluminum
    Warranty 12 months
    Wiring/protection level/contact material Customizable


    Dimension (MM)

    Air compressor switch 120V size



    1. Interface thread, measurement range of compressor pressure switch can be customized, shell material cast aluminum, protective function safety edge.
    2. Adjusting air compressor pressure switch 120V work temperature -10℃~60℃, 3C rated voltage range of 36V and below, electrical life of 100,000 times, good air tightness and good stability.
    3. Air compressor pressure switch equipped with relief valve pressure switch to avoid overload. Compact steel shell is firm, flat and smooth, not easy to damage, and the performance is more convenient and controllable. High-performance air compressors for use in harsh industrial environments.
    4. Air compressor pressure switch with optional various interface forms and interface threads. Interface standard 1/4 or 3/8 internal screw
    5. Optional rated voltage/current AC 120V/24A, AC 120V/30A, AC 240V/20A or AC 240V/25A.
    6. Pressure setting: closed 6.0kgf/cm²; disconnect 8.0kgf/cm².

    Tips: What is pressure switch used for?

    1. Pressure switches are commonly used in paper machines, air compressors or pump sets. In such devices, we rely on pressure switches as safety devices, alarms or control elements in the system.
    2. Take an air compressor (referred to as "air compressor") as an example: an ordinary air compressor consists of three main parts: a motor, a V-shaped air pump and an air storage tank. The air compressor is equipped with a pressure switch to adjust the pressure of the motor. Start and stop, by adjusting the pressure in the fuel tank, the air compressor can rest.
    3. During the debugging process, the air compressor factory can set a certain start-stop pressure according to the requirements of different customers. For example, when the compressor starts, air is pumped inside. When the pressure reaches the set value, the pressure switch will touch the contacts to stop the motor. When the pressure is lower than the set value, the air compressor starts again to keep the pressure in the oil tank within the pressure range.
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