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    Magnetic Angle Sensor, Non-Contact, 0-10V/ 0-5V

    Low price hall angle sensor adopts magnetic signal non-contact induction and performs signal processing through a microprocessor to convert the mechanical angle into a 0-10V or 0-5V standard signal output. Selectable angle range from 0-30 ° to 0-360 °, used in automatic control and other fields.
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    Magnetic angular transducer embedded microprocessor is combined with the CNC angular second calibration device to achieve the high precision measurement of 0.1° or 0.3° by programmed calibration and conversion.


    • Angle measurement and tracking in automatic control
    • Valve opening angle measurement control
    • Servo motor rotation angle measurement
    • Tension measurement and control in textile, paper and other fields
    • Level measurement tracking


    Model ATO-LW120A ATO-HW220A
    Full Range Precision ±0.3° ±0.1°
    Temperature Drift ±0.01°/℃ ±0.02°/℃
    Measuring Range (Optional) 0 ~ 30°, 0 ~ 60°, 0 ~ 90°, 0 ~ 180°, 0 ~ 270°, 0 ~ 360°
    Output Signal (Optional) 0 - 5V, 0 - 10V
    Output Load 2kΩ
    Voltage Input 9 - 36V DC
    Typical Voltage 12V
    Sampling Frequency 1KHz
    Linearity 0.5% - 0.15%
    High Vibration Resistance >20000g
    Frequency Response 100Hz
    Angle Resolution 0.022°
    Full Range Accuracy ±0.3°
    Operating Temperature -40 - +85℃
    Storage Temperature -55 - +100℃
    Power-on Startup Time 0.2s
    Response Time 0.01s
    Average Operation Time ≥55000 Hour/Time
    Cable with 1.5m length shielded cable 3*0.3mm2
    Power Reverse Protection 40mV
    Signal Reverse Protection 40mV
    Running Torque <10mN·m
    Material Shell: Aluminum Alloy Oxidation
    Back Cover: Stainless Steel
    Shaft: Stainless Steel
    Protection Grade IP66
    Weight 1kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)


    Dimensions of Angle Sensor Non-contact 0-10V/ 0-5V


    Dimensions of Angle Sensor 0-10V/ 0-5V

    Tips: What is angle sensor?

    Angle sensor refers to an angular transducer that can sense the measured angle and convert it into a usable output signal. Angle sensors, as the name suggests, are used to detect angles. There is a hole in its body to fit the Lego shaft. When connected to the RCX, the angle sensor counts every 1/16 revolution of the shaft. When rotating in one direction, the count increases, and when the rotating direction changes, the count decreases. The count is related to the initial position of the angle sensor. When initializing the angle sensor, its count value is set to 0, if necessary, you can reset it by programming. The position and speed can be easily measured by calculating the angle of rotation.

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