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    Magnetic Angle Sensor, Non-Contact, 4-20mA/ 0-20mA

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    Magnetic angle sensor is processed by DSP to achieve programmable intelligent control of linearity correction, temperature compensation, 4-20mA or 0-20mA output signal, digital filtering, multiple different slope settings and the range of 0 ~ 360°.
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    ATO angle sensor is powered by 9V ~ 36V power supply, with reverse and anti-pulse peak voltage protection function, suitable for water, oil, gas, vibration, shock and other harsh industrial environment.


    • Angle measurement and tracking in automatic control
    • Valve opening angle measurement control
    • Servo motor rotation angle measurement
    • Tension measurement and control in textile, paper and other fields
    • Level measurement tracking


    Model ATO-LW128B ATO-HW228B
    Full Range Precision ±0.3° ±0.1°
    Temperature Drift ±0.02°/℃
    Zero Drift 4mA
    Measuring Range (Optional) 0 ~ 30°, 0 ~ 60°, 0 ~ 90°, 0 ~ 180°, 0 ~ 270°, 0 ~ 360°
    Output Signal (Optional) 4-20mA, 2-20mA
    Output Load 240Ω
    Voltage Input 9 - 36V DC
    Typical Voltage 12V
    Sampling Frequency 1KHz
    Linearity 0.5% - 0.15%
    High Vibration Resistance >20000g
    Frequency Response 100Hz
    Angle Resolution 0.022°
    Full Range Accuracy ±0.3°
    Operating Temperature -40 - +85℃
    Storage Temperature -55 - +100℃
    Power-on Startup Time 0.2s
    Response Time 0.01s
    Average Operation Time ≥55000 Hour/Time
    Cable with 1.5m length shielded cable 3*0.3mm2
    Power Reverse Protection 40mV
    Signal Reverse Protection 40mV
    Running Torque <10mN·m
    Material Shell: Aluminum Alloy Oxidation
    Back Cover: Stainless Steel
    Shaft: Stainless Steel
    Protection Grade IP66
    Weight 1kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)


    Dimensions of Angle Sensor Non-Contact 4-20mA/ 0-20mA


    Dimensions of Angle Sensor 4-20mA/ 0-20mA

    Tips: Angle sensor applications

    • Industrial machinery, construction equipment, petrochemical equipment, medical equipment, aerospace instruments, national defense industry and other rotating speed and Angle measurement.
    • Automotive electronic foot pedal angular displacement, steering wheel position, seat position and headlight position.
    • Automatic robot, motion control, rotary motor rotation and control.
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    I want to buy this 4-20mA magnetic angle sensor
    This 4-20mA magnetic angle sensor looks very good. I want to buy it.
    From: Patricke | Date: 21/12/2021
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