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    Magnetic Angle Sensor, Non-Contact, RS485/ MODBUS

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    Economical price magnetic hall angle sensor is powered by 9V ~ 36V power supply and with reverse and anti-pulse peak voltage protection function, RS485 or MODBUS signal output available, optional precision of ±0.3° or ±0.1°, can realize the measuring range of 0 ~ 360°.
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    ATO hall effect angle sensor is powered by 9V ~ 36V power supply, with reverse and anti-pulse peak voltage protection function, suitable for water, oil, gas, vibration, shock and other harsh industrial environment.


    • Angle measurement and tracking in automatic control
    • Valve opening angle measurement control
    • Servo motor rotation angle measurement
    • Tension measurement and control in textile, paper and other fields
    • Level measurement tracking


    Model ATO-LW126C ATO-HW226C
    Full Range Precision ±0.3° ±0.1°
    Temperature Drift ±0.0015°/℃
    Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient <150ppm/℃
    Measuring Range (Optional) 0 ~ 30°, 0 ~ 60°, 0 ~ 90°, 0 ~ 180°, 0 ~ 270°, 0 ~ 360°
    Output Signal (Optional) RS232, TTL, RS485, Modbus
    Output Load 240Ω
    Voltage Input 9 - 36V DC
    Typical Voltage 12V
    Sampling Frequency 1KHz
    Linearity 0.5% - 0.15%
    High Vibration Resistance >20000g
    Frequency Response 100Hz
    Angle Resolution 0.022°
    Full Range Accuracy ±0.3°
    Operating Temperature -40 - +85℃
    Storage Temperature -55 - +100℃
    Power-on Startup Time 0.2s
    Response Time 0.01s
    Average Operation Time ≥55000 Hour/Time
    Cable with 1.5m length shielded cable 3*0.3mm2
    Power Reverse Protection 40mV
    Signal Reverse Protection 40mV
    Running Torque <10mN·m
    Material Shell: Aluminum Alloy Oxidation
    Back Cover: Stainless Steel
    Shaft: Stainless Steel
    Protection Grade IP66
    Weight 1kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)


    Dimensions of Non-Contact Magnetic Angle Sensor


    Dimensions of Non-Contact Magnetic Angle Sensor

    Tips: Angle sensor for car

    The car steering angle sensor is used to detect the rotation angle and steering direction of the steering wheel. The steering wheel turning left or right will be detected by the steering angle sensor, so that the car's electronic control unit will issue the correct steering command. The turning angle of the steering wheel is to provide the basis for the car to realize the steering range, so that the car can drive according to the driver's steering intention.

    The steering angle sensor is composed of a photoelectric coupling element and a slotted plate. The photoelectric coupling elements are light-emitting diodes and phototransistors. The slotted plate is placed between the light-emitting diode and the phototransistor. The slotted plate has many small holes.

    When the steering wheel rotates, the slotted plate will follow the rotation. The phototransistor operates according to the light passing through the slotted plate and outputs a digital pulse signal. The car's electronic control unit uses this signal to identify the steering angle, direction of rotation and speed of the steering wheel.

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    Worth buying
    I bought a magnetic angle sensor from ATO to replace my old one. It solves the problem of inaccurate angle measurement. All in all, I am very satisfied with it and it is worth buying.
    From: Vickey | Date: 16/11/2021
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