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    Automatic Screw Feeder Machine M1.4-M5.0

    Automatic screw feeder machine for sale. Automatic screw feeder with brushless scoop type, input AC 100-240V (50/60HZ) and output 12V/2.0A. Applicable screw specifications include M1.4, M1.7, M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0 (M0.6 customization) and screw thread length<20mm. Auto screw feeder with capacity 200-220(CC), suitable for computers, communications, digital appliances, automobiles.
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    Automatic screw feeder with applicable screw specifications M1.4, M1.7, M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0. Apply in communications, network products, digital home appliances and automotive electronics.


    Model ATO-ASF-AT1050
    Shell Material Baking varnish
    Applicable Screws Spec. M1.4, M1.7, M2.0, M2.3, M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0
    Screw Head Shape JLS: dish head, tightening, pressure, UH head (countersunk or oval countersunk), with or without washer
    JCIS: type 1, 2, 3, 4 dish head
    Screw Thread Length ≤20mm (without screw head thickness)
    Supply Speed 60-180 pcs/min
    Input AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)
    Output 12V/2.0A
    Capacity 200~220cc
    Weight 2.63kg


    1. The counting function of the automatic screw feeder can be switched automatically/manually. When the count reaches the preset value, it will automatically alarm and stop.

    2. The automatic screw feeding machine is suitable for a wide range of screws, and the track can be adjusted freely according to the size of the screws.

    3. The screw feeding time and vibration time are independently provided by the PCB to achieve operational efficiency. The PCB is protected by a shell to prevent short circuits caused by screw accumulation. When a paper jam occurs, the fault is automatically eliminated.

    4. The vibration motor in the automatic screw feeder has a shaft eccentric wheel fixing plate to prevent damage to the motor shaft reaming hole during eccentric vibration.

    5. Automatic screw feeder machine is mostly suitable for 3C and 4C products, such as computers, communications, networks, digital home appliances and other products.

    Dimmension (MM)

     Dimension of auto screw feeder

    Automatic Screw Feeder Usage Method

    1. Select the screw vertically downwards.
    2. Pull out the screw forward horizontally.
    3. Don’t pull out upwards to avoid the screws touch the guide rail and falling.

    Usage of automatic screw feeder m5


     Applicable screw specification

    Applicable screw specification


    Track Adjustment for Automatic Screw Feeder

    1. Loosen the screw that locks the bite-wing and remove the bite-wing.
    2. Loosen the 3 screws on the right side of track bottom. (Just make the track loose, no need to unscrew screws completely)
    3. Loosen the screw on the right side of track front baffle, then adjust the track left and right.
    4. Adjust the track width according to size of the screws used. Bite-wing should be adjusted to be about 0.5mm larger than the thickness of thread (make screws can go back and forth smoothly).
    5. Lock the bite-wing. Keep the width between the bite-wing and track front baffle consistent, and then tighten screws on the right side of the front baffle and the screws on the track bottom.

    Track adjustment for automatic screw feeder


    Tips: What is automatic screw feeder advantage

    1. A wide range of screws can be used. The screws of the easy-to-operate screw feeder have various specifications, and it can also use special screws, which will not cause damage due to falling into the machine and the track, and its track size can also be adjusted, and the exact track can be adjusted by extraction The size adjustment is simple and easy to understand, and the size of the screw can be operated freely regardless of whether it is centimeter or inch. Moreover, its shock distance is small and the vibration is strong. After the screw reaches the fixed point at the front, it will not move back and forth significantly and affect the production speed.
    2. The automatic screw feeder is easy to operate. Ordinary material machines will be difficult to operate, but the automatic screw feeder is not difficult to operate, and even some people can use it freely just by checking the manual without training, thus greatly reducing the accidents caused by manual operation errors. Follow-up question, so generally speaking, a well-selected screw feeder is very cost-effective.
    3. Long service life. From the design of the automatic screw feeder, its hopper door, guide rail vibration delay adjustment button, and vibration motor adjustment button are scientifically designed, and the internal structure is also very compact, because the vibration of the screw feeder is relatively small, so Its service life is also longer, and its unique alarm system also adds weight to the high life of the screw feeder.
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