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    Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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    Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It can collect, store and monitor temp & RH of the surrounding environment. The transmission distance is up to 300 meters. This temp and humidity data recorder with LCD display can view the temperature and humidity data in real time.
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    Bluetooth temp and humidity data recorder, built-in temp & RH sensor, can store up to 32000 pieces of the data when the long range mode is enabled. Mobile phone with Bluetooth can download and install App. It can store and monitor temperature and humidity of the environment comprehensively. Its characteristics are small sized, portable and highly accurate for wide use in cold chain logistics, archives, labs and museums.


    • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 connector. Easy view data via Bluetooth connection.
    • APP setup generates PDF reports. History report can be sent to specified email.
    • Intuitive LCD indication. LCD presents all key information including checking current temperature, humidity, battery power and Bluetooth status.
    • Remote transmission. Enable long range mode, the transmission distance is up to 300 meters.
    • Built-in highly sensitive temperature and humidity sensor.
    • Super long standby 1 year, replaceable battery.
    • 32,000 temperature recordings can be stored into device flash memory.
    • Configurable alarm thresholds, uploading interval and temp & RH unit.


    Model ATO-TDL-BT06
    Battery Shelf Life 1 Year (Default)
    Weight 40g
    Dimension 86mm*48mm*12mm
    Protocol Standard Bluetooth 5.0
    Detecting Temperature Range -20℃~+60℃
    Temperature Accuracy ±0.3℃ (-20~40℃), ±0.5℃ (Other)
    Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
    Data Storage Capacity 32,000
    Start Mode Push-to-Start or Timing Start
    Logging Interval Default 10 Minutes, User Adjustable (10s~18 Hours)
    Alarm Range Temperature Alarm: 2℃~8℃, Adjustable
    Humidity Alarm: 40%~60%RH
    Transmission Distance 300 Meters
    Output Power 4dBm, Adjustable
    Protection Grade IP65


    Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger dimension

    How to use the software on Android/IOS?

    How to use software

    1. Find device. Scan the barcode on device with this software.
    2. Read time data. Check the real time temperature data on phones, you can see device name/temperature value/battery level.
    3. Data records. Check the historical records with a graphic information.
    4. Device setting. Set the device as you like on TX power/storage interval/alarm setting/memory clean.


    Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger application

    Tips: Temperature data logger application in food storage and transportation

    In the process of food processing, storage and transportation, it is very important to timely grasp whether the environmental conditions of the food are under food safety conditions. In the environment, excessive temperature and humidity can directly lead to food spoilage. If it is too low or too high, it will also make the food taste worse and reduce the quality. Using an electronic temperature and humidity data logger, it will automatically record the temperature and humidity values, and output the recorded values in the form of graphic tables through the PC intelligent analysis software, which is convenient for administrators to analyze and manage. It also has its own alarm function. When the temperature and humidity exceed the set high and low limits, the alarm will automatically respond and promptly remind the staff to adjust the temperature and humidity in the food storage room or production workshop. Using an electronic temperature and humidity data logger to simplify your work will also save costs, and will not be disturbed by too many human factors, and reflect the recording process objectively and truthfully.

    Existing reviews of Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
    High Storage Capacity, Good Bluetooth Range
    Wonderful device. Easy and convenient to use. Made the diagnosis of an intermittently failing refrigerator very clear.
    From: Clarence | Date: 05/12/2023
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