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    CO2 Regulator for Grow Room

    Low price double gauge co2 regulator for sale, plastic flow adjustment knob, accurate adjustment, stable pressure and no air leakage, suitable for indoor hydroponics, grow rooms, grow tents and warm houses to ensure optimal plant growth.
    SKU: ATO-PR-W0326
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    Buy one stage carbon dioxide pressure regulator online, co2 regulator with clear dial and flow meter, stepped gas outlet design, stabilized to your desired pressure by pressure adjustment knob, ideal for greenhouses, growth rooms.


    Model: ATO-PR-W0326

    Rated Input Pressure: 15 MPa (2175 psi)

    Rated Output Pressure: 1~25 MPa (145~3625 psi)

    Inlet Side Connection Thread: G5/8"

    Onlet Side Connection Thread: M12 x 1

    Weight: 1.1 kg

    Materials: Copper

    Certificate: CE

    Warranty: 12 Months

    Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator Detail

    Carbon dioxide regulator detail

    Tips: What does a CO2 regulator do?

    Since the pressure inside the gas cylinder is high, while the pressure required for gas welding and gas cutting and the point of use is small, a CO2 regulator is needed to reduce the higher pressure gas stored in the cylinder to low pressure gas, and should ensure that the required working pressure remains stable from beginning to end. In short, the pressure reducer is a regulating device to reduce the high pressure gas to low pressure gas, and keep the output gas pressure and flow rate stable and unchanged.

    CO2 regulator types

    Carbon dioxide pressure reducer can be divided into two types of centralized and post type; according to the structure can be divided into single-stage and two-stage type; according to the working principle can be divided into two types of positive action and reaction type.

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