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    Single Stage Oxygen Regulator for Cutting Torch

    Single stage oxygen regulator for cutting torch, inlet side connection thread type G5/8", rated flow 40 m3/h, low price, compact and light weight oxygen regulator designed for regulating high and low pressure oxygen tanks, stable and leak free.
    SKU: ATO-PR-W0304
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    Single stage double gauge oxygen regulator is designed for applications requiring precise and constant outlet pressure, controlled by a knob, oxygen pressure regulator made of high quality copper, highly resistant to vibration and effective against leakage.


    Model: ATO-PR-W0304

    Rated Input Pressure: 15 MPa (2175 psi)

    Rated Output Pressure: 1.25 MPa (181 psi)

    Rated Flow: 40 m3/h

    Inlet Side Connection Thread: G5/8"

    Onlet Side Connection Thread: M15 x 1.5

    Weight: 1.1 kg

    Materials: Copper

    Certificate: CE

    Warranty: 12 Months

    5/8" Dual Gauge Oxygen Pressure Regulator Detail
    Oxygen regulator details

    Tips: How to install an oxygen pressure regulator?

    Oxygen pressure regulator is generally a pressure reducing device for cylinder gas. When the inlet pressure and export flow changes, to ensure that its export pressure always maintain stable, oxygen gas pressure reducer in the process of use should pay attention to those matters?                                      

    • Oxygen cylinder bleeding or opening precautions.
      Oxygen cylinder bleed or open the pressure reducer when the action must be slow. If the valve is opened too fast, the working part of the pressure reducer gas due to adiabatic compression and greatly increased temperature, which may make the parts made of organic materials such as rubber packing, rubber film fibrous liner on fire and burned, and can make the pressure reducer completely burned.

    • Oxygen regulator loading and unloading and working precautions
      When loading and unloading the pressure reducer must pay attention to prevent the pipe joint button slipping teeth, so as not to spin installed and shot out. In the process of work must pay attention to the work pressure gauge pressure values. Stop work should first loosen the pressure regulator screw, and then close the oxygen cylinder valve, and the gas in the pressure reducer slowly released, so that the spring and pressure reduction valve can be protected from damage. After the work, should be removed from the cylinder pressure reducer, to be properly stored.

    • Before installing the oxygen pressure regulator and when opening the cylinder valve precautions
      Before the installation of the pressure reducer, to slightly play the bottle valve, blow out the dirt to prevent dust and moisture into the pressure reducer. When opening the cylinder valve, the cylinder valve outlet must not be directed at the operator or others, to prevent the sudden rush of high-pressure gas injury. Pressure reducer outlet and gas rubber hose joints must be tightened with annealed wire or clamps; to prevent the risk of disconnection after sending gas. 
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