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    Argon Regulator with Flow Meter

    Argon gas regulator with flow meter, rated output pressure 145~3625 psi, energy saving and stable, suitable for intermittent short welding, plastic adjustment knob, easy to control air pressure, argon pressure regulator body made of high quality copper, can withstand harsh environments.
    SKU: ATO-PR-W0323
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    The argon regulator with flow meter, internal safety relief design, inlet side connection thread G5/8 inch, is an economical choice for argon regulators for protective gases in tig and mig welding.


    Model: ATO-PR-W0323

    Rated Input Pressure: 15 MPa (2175 psi)

    Rated Output Pressure: 1~25 MPa (145~3625 psi)

    Inlet Side Connection Thread: G5/8"

    Onlet Side Connection Thread: M12 x 1

    Weight: 1.1 kg

    Materials: Copper

    Certificate: CE

    Warranty: 12 Months

    Argon Regulator with Flow Meter Detail
    argon  regulator with flow meter detail
    Tips: How to adjust the argon pressure regulator

    Argon pressure regulators with stable output pressure are often used in semiconductor processes, laboratories, gas phase analysis, test instruments, petrochemical industry and power plant equipment. Especially suitable for gas analysis instruments, various high-purity gases, corrosive gases and toxic gases.

    1. left to loosen, the pressure reducer is turned off; open the bottle valve, argon gas reducer on the high-pressure table on the pressure display, does not show that there is no gas or reducer is bad, provided that the gas end to turn off or closed.
    2. High pressure is displayed, indicating that the cylinder has gas, and then adjust the above-mentioned black or green knob, right, adjust the pressure, pressure reducer is generally divided into two kinds, one with a flow meter, adjust the knob to the flow you need, you can; one is a low-pressure table, also adjust the knob, to the pressure you need, you can.
    3. Open the gas side of the argon regulator to start using. To buy good quality a little pressure reducer, pressure reducer is not easy to leak if good, but also a lot of gas.

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