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    Acetylene Regulator, Inlet 200 psi, Outlet 20 psi

    Single stage two gauge acetylene regulator for sale, rated 200 psi inlet pressure, 20 psi outlet pressure, 5 m3/h flow rate, designed for daily use, stable operating pressure, independent of inlet pressure and flow rate fluctuations.
    SKU: ATO-PR-W0222
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    Acetylene gas pressure regulator with 2 gauges, inlet pressure 200 psi, 20 psi outlet pressure, has a very high regulation accuracy and very stable flow characteristics to meet the most demanding requirements for pressure stability.


    Model: ATO-PR-W0222

    Rated Input Pressure: 1.6 MPa (200 psi)

    Rated Output Pressure: 0.15 MPa (20 psi)

    Rated Flow: 5 m3/h

    Inlet Side Connection Thread: Brake bar

    Onlet Side Connection Thread: M16 x 1.5 (left)

    Weight: 1.1 kg

    Materials: Copper

    Certificate: CE

    Warranty: 12 Months

    Single Stage Two Gauge Acetylene Regulator Detail
    Acetylene regulator detail
    Tips: Acetylene regulator principle

    Since the pressure inside the gas cylinder is high, while the pressure required for gas welding and gas cutting and the point of use is small, an acetylene regulator is needed to reduce the higher pressure gas stored in the cylinder to low pressure gas, and should ensure that the required working pressure remains stable from beginning to end.

    Acetylene regulator is generally a pressure-reducing device for bottled gas, which reduces the high pressure gas to low pressure gas and keeps the output gas pressure and flow rate stable and unchanged.

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