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    Cordless Reciprocating Saw, 30mm Stroke

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    The portable cordless reciprocating saw offers superior power and performance with less vibration, a stroke length of 30mm, allowing faster cutting speeds of 0-2800 strokes per minute (SPM). The cordless reciprocating saw is ideal for cutting boards, tree trunks, metal, and plastic pipes.
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    The cordless reciprocating saw has a 30mm long stroke for faster cutting performance. The hand-held reciprocating saw is equipped with 6 blades for quick blade installation and removal. ATO reciprocating saw has a cutting capacity of 255mm for wood and 130mm for the pipe. The soft grip and handle add to the comfort of using the cordless reciprocating saw.


    Model ATO-CRS-JR3051TK
    Rated Input Power 1010W
    Reciprocating Stroke 30mm
    Stroke Speed 0-2800 spm
    Speed Control Steplessly Variable
    Cutting Wood Thickness 0-255mm
    Cutting Pipe Thickness 0-130mm
    Power Cable 2.5m
    Dimension 457x98x174mm
    Weight 3.1kg


    • The cordless reciprocating saw can saw wood, plastic, metal and construction materials with extremely strong impact.
    • Variable speed reciprocating saw is suitable for straight and curved cutting.
    • Anti-vibration technology guarantees ultra-comfortable operation.
    • Simply turn the adjustment dial to adjust the stroke speed, even while the tool is running.
    • The dial is divided into 1 lowest speed to 6 full speed.


    Handheld cordless reciprocating saws details



    Reciprocating saws are a powerful and versatile cutting tool for a wide range of applications. Reciprocating saws use a back and forth motion to cut a wide range of materials, making them ideal for many different tasks. Reciprocating saws are used for cutting sheet metal, tubes, profiles or miter cuts on steel tubes, as well as for cutting cables or other non-metallic materials.

    Reciprocating saws applications

    Tips: What are the applications of the saber saw?

    With the fixed stop, the saber saw can be used for sawing wood, plastic, metal, and general building materials. The saber saw produces a very flat cut with no splinters protruding from the work surface. The saber saw is suitable for sawing pipes, profiles, and wood. The ingenious design of the saw teeth can cut various materials quickly, making your work easier and more efficient.

    Existing reviews of Cordless Reciprocating Saw, 30mm Stroke
    Don't hesitate, this is a reciprocating saw worth buying.
    I bought this 30mm reciprocating saw to scrape the glue off the subfloor of my house. I tried running this saw for hours on end and going through multiple scraper blades and this tool never let me down, it was able to withstand the lasting vibrations.
    From: Yusuf | Date: 05/02/2023
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