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    AC/DC Current Clamp Meter 200A with NCV/Analog Display Function

    AC/DC current clamp meter is a digital clamp multimeter with measuring range of AC/DC current 0-200A, AC/DC 0-600V, resistance 0-999.9Ω and NCV AC 100~600V. The maximum jaw opening size is 18mm. Current clamp meter also has special functions such as NCV, analog display, diode test, on-off buzzer, peak value hold, LED torch, zero resetting, etc.
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    Current clamp meter has AC/DC current range 0-200A, TRMS/NCV/analog display functions, maximum jaw opening size 18mm, 4 digit display and maximum value 2000~9999.


    Basics Model ATO-FC-36
    Weight 175g
    Size (L*W*H) 164*65*32mm
    Display 4 digit LCD display
    Maximum display value 2000~9999
    Power supply DC 3V, 2 AAA batteries
    Maximum jaw opening size 18mm
    Woring environment Temperature: 0℃~30℃ (32℉~86℉), relative humidity:<90%, altitude: <3000m
    Storage environment Temperature: -25℃~60℃ (-14℉~140℉), relative humidity:<90%
    Accessories A pair of test probes, a user manual, 2 AAA batteries
    Functions Item Range Accuracy
    DC current 200A ±(2.5%+5 digits)
    AC current 200A ±(2.5%+8 digits)
    DC voltage 600V ±(0.5%+1 digits)
    AC voltage 600V ±(1.5%+2 digits)
    NCV AC voltage 100V~600V
    Resistance 999.9Ω
    Special functions NCV Non-contact voltage test
    NCV indicating light Inspection light for NCV
    Analog display Analog bar chart on LCD display
    Diode test Display forward voltage value of diode
    On-off buzzer Continuity test buzzer
    Data hold Hold the reading and peak value when taking a measurement
    Automatic power off Automatic power off when 15 minutes no operation
    Overload protection Overload protection for 100% range
    Range selection Automatic range selection and manual range selection
    Backlight Backlight for LCD display
    LED torch A LED torch for night lighting
    ZERO Zero resetting for relative value

    Tips: What's the analog bar chart display function of current clamp meter?
    Nowadays, there are two types of meter, one is the digital meter and the other is the analog meter. The digital meter has a LCD display and the operators can read value very intuitively and easy. In this respect, analog meters are incomparable, but analog meters also have their own unique advantages, that is, the instantaneous deflection of the pointer can be used to reflect the changes in the properties of the measured object. In order to retain this feature of the analog meter, the digital meter uses an analog bar chart on LCD display to simulate the pointer function of the analog meter.
    If both DC and AC signals are present in the signal under test, the practical value of analog bar chart is immediately obvious. For example, when using DC function of AC/DC current clamp meter to measure the stabilized voltage supply during maintenance, take a look at the analog bar chart. If the analog bar has dithered, it means that the DC voltage contains AC voltage. The stabilized voltage supply is not stable.

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