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    Current Transformer, 30/5A, 150/5A, 600/5A to 800/5A

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    AC current transformer at a low price, rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz. Current ratio can choose 200/5A, 250/5A, 300/5A, 600/A to 800/5A, direct sales by manufacturer.
    SKU: ATO-CT-40I

    High accuracy current transformer light weight, small size and cheap price, current ratio 30:5A, 75:5A, 200;5A, 500:5A to 800:5A. Current transformer is mainly used for indoor or distribution box, rated frequency 50/60Hz.

    Note: The installation method of current transformer can be fixed by busbar and fixed by the bottom plate, suitable for installation in any direction. The primary conductor can be busbar or cable.


    Model ATO-CT-40I
    Weight 1kg
    Current Ratio (A) VA Secondary load/ Burden (VA) Cross-core Turn Number
    0.2 0.5S 0.2S
    200-300/5 2.5 2.5 2.5 1
    300-450/5 2.5 2.5 2.5 1
    500-800-5 5 5 5 1
    Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
    Rated Test Voltage 3kV AC (1min)
    Rated Short-Time Thermal Current (ith) 60 in
    Rated Dynamic Current (idyn) 2.5 lth
    Rated Voltage (Um) 0.66 kV AC
    Continuous Overload (ld) 1.2 in
    Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
    Housing Self-Extinguishing Class VO
    Safety Factor FS 5
    Secondary Current 5A/ 1A
    Bus Specification (mm)/Number /

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Current transformer dimension

    Model Dimensions Perforation size Installation size
    W H D a e φ M N
    ATO-CT-30I 62 78 45 32 11 22 40 57.5
    ATO-CT-3030I 85 102 50 32 11 28   57.5
    ATO-CT-40I 75 95 45 42 11 31 40 57.5
    ATO-CT-60I 102 130 45 61.5 21 45 42 57.5
    ATO-CT-60II 102 125 45 31 33 / 42 57.5
    ATO-CT-80I 118 140 45 82 11 52 60 57.5
    ATO-CT-100II 145 125 45 103 35 / 80 57.5

    Tips: How to measure the polarity of current transformer?

    • DC Method
      Connect the positive and negative electrode of a 1.5~3V battery with the primary coil L1 and L2 of the transformer respectively, connect the transformer's secondary side K1, K2 respectively with the positive and negative electrode of a milliammeter. After the loop is well connected, the indicator of milliammeter turns clockwise while connecting K, and turns anticlockwise while disconnecting K, that means the transformer's terminal connecting with the positive electrode of the battery has the same polarity with the terminal connecting with the positive end of the milliammeter, namely L1 and K1 have a same polarity and the transformer is a subtractive polarity. If the indicator turns conversely to the above, the transformer is an additive polarity.
    • AC Method
      Connect the L2 and secondary side K2 of the current transformer's primary and secondary coil with wires, then add an 1~5V AC voltage to the secondary side, measure the U2 and U3 with a voltmeter below 10V, if U3=U1-U2, the transformer is a subtractive polarity; if U3=U1 U2, the transformer is an additive polarity.
    • Meter Method
      Generally, the transformer calibrator is equipped with a polarity indicator, it can test the polarity in advance before measuring the current transformer error. If the indicator has no indication, meaning that the polarity of the tested current transformer is correct. (subtractive polarity)
    Existing reviews of Current Transformer, 30/5A, 150/5A, 600/5A to 800/5A
    Highly reccommend this current transformer!
    This current transformer works well. I am using the 24VAC output for one of my CCTV cameras. Works well. I would reccommend this product.
    From: Guthrie | Date: 25/05/2022
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    Beautiful exchange current transformer, light and easy to operate
    After using the current transformer for a week, I feel very good, the current is very stable, and there is no noise. The current ratio of 30/5a is more accurate precision, and the price is very low. I plan to buy a few more.
    From: Garcia | Date: 01/11/2018
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