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    DC-DC Boost Converter Module, 3V/3.3V/3.7V to 5V

    Wholesale price DC-DC boost converter module for sale online, this is an electronic device that steps up 1.5V/1.8V/2.5V/3V/3.3V/3.7V/4.2V lower input voltage to 5V DC voltage, output current from 7 mA to 480 mA. This mini boost converters are commonly used in battery-powered devices, small electronic devices, and USB devices.
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    Mini DC-DC boost converter module is a compact electronic device designed to step up a lower DC voltage to a higher one. ATO 5V boost modules are characterized by their small size, making them suitable for space-constrained applications.


    Model ATO-C47
    Input Voltage 1.5V/1.8V/2.5V/3V/3.3V/3.7V/4.2V DC
    Output Voltage 5V DC
    Output Current 7mA at Starting Voltage 0.8V
    40~100mA at Input 1~1.5V
    100~150mA at Input 1.5~2V
    150~380mA at Input 2~3V
    380~480mA at Input Exceeds 3V
    Working Frequency 150KHz
    Efficiency 85%
    Pin 2.54mm Pitch
    Dimension 11mm*10.5mm*7.5mm
    Weight About 1g

    Note: This is a voltage boost conversion module. The following conditions must be followed when using it:

    1. The input voltage cannot be greater than the nominal voltage, otherwise the module will be burned out.
    2. The input power must be greater than the output power, otherwise the output voltage will be less than the nominal voltage.
    3. The output load cannot be greater than the nominal load, otherwise the output voltage will be less than the nominal voltage.


    3.7V to 5V DC to DC converter module wiring

    5V DC Power Supply Applications

    ATO DC-DC boost module can step up voltage of 1.5V/1.8V/2.5V/3V/3.3V/3.7V/4.2V DC to 5V DC. 5V DC power supplies have a wide range of applications, covering many devices and systems in daily life and professional fields.

    • USB devices: Many USB devices use 5V DC voltage for power supply, such as mobile phone chargers, power banks, keyboards, mice, etc. These devices obtain power through the USB interface for charging and operation.
    • Small electronic devices: Small electronic devices such as portable music players, digital cameras, and handheld game consoles usually use 5V DC power supply. This type of equipment requires a stable power supply to ensure its normal operation.
    • Embedded systems: Some microcomputers, microcontrollers and embedded systems also require 5V DC power supply. Typical examples include industrial control systems, home appliance control panels, etc. These systems usually require low power consumption and stable power supply.
    • Sensors and actuators: Many sensors and actuators use 5V power supply, such as temperature sensors, light sensors, servos, etc. These devices are widely used in automation and robotics and rely on a stable 5V power supply to provide reliable measurement and operation.
    • LED Lighting: Some LED fixtures and lighting systems use a 5V DC power supply. For example, decorative LED light strips, USB-powered LED bulbs, etc. These lighting equipment usually require low-voltage power supply to ensure safety and energy saving.
    • Development boards: Development boards usually use a 5V power supply. These development boards are widely used in education, prototyping and DIY projects, providing a stable operating environment with 5V power supply.

    Tips for using DC-DC boost converter module

    • Input voltage range: Make sure the input voltage is within the range specified by the module and avoid excessively high or low input voltage.
    • Load capacity: Do not exceed the maximum load capacity of the module to prevent damage to the module or affect its normal operation.
    • Heat dissipation management: For high-power applications, pay attention to the heat dissipation management of the module and install heat sinks or fans if necessary.
    • Filter capacitors: Add appropriate filter capacitors to the input and output to reduce voltage fluctuations and noise.
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