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    Digital Air Pressure Switch, M5

    Digital pressure switch for sale online at affordable price. High accuracy pressure switch with rated pressure range 0.0~101.0kPa/ -100.0~100.0kPa/ -100.0~1.000MPa for selection, NPN or PNP open collector 2 outputs can be chosen, takeover diameter M5. The high precision digital pressure switch is widely used in factory automation, chemical textile industry, medical equipment, chemical industry and other fields.
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    Digital air pressure switch which support two colors digital display, lower cost pressure switch with max. current 80mA, 2.5 ms fast response time.


    • The air pressure is proportional to the electrical signal, enabling continuous control of the pressure.
    • Thin 9.8mm, realize integration, save space and light weight.
    • Digital display of pressure.


    Model NZSE10 NZSE10F NISE10
    Rated pressure range 0.0~101.0kPa -100.0~100.0kPa -100.0~1.000MPa
    Display/ Set pressure range 10.0~105.0kPa -105.0~105.0kPa -105.0~1.050MPa
    Withstand pressure 500kPa 500kPa 1.5MPa
    Display/ Minimum unit setting 0.1kPa 0.1kPa 0.001MPa
    Switch output   NPN or PNP open collector 2 outputs
    Maximum load current 80mA
    Maximum applied voltage 28 V (With NPN output)
    Residual voltage 2 V or less (With load current of 80 mA)
    Response time 2.5 ms or less (Response time selections with anti-chattering function: 20, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 ms)
    Short circuit protection Yes
    Hysteresis Hysteresis mode Variable (0 or above)
    Window comparator mode
    Analog output (Voltage output) Output voltage (Rated pressure range) 1~5V±2.5%F.S. 1~5V±2.5%F.S.
    Linearity ±1%F.S.
    Output impedence Approx. 1kΩ
    Environment Enclosure IP40
    Operating temperature range Operating: –5 to 50°C, Stored: –10 to 60°C (No freezing or condensation)
    Operating humidity range Operating and stored: 35 to 85% RH (No condensation)
    Withstand voltage AC1000V for 1 minute between terminals and housing
    Insulation resisitance 50MΩ or more (500 VDC measured via megohmmeter) between terminals and housing
    Vibration resistant 10~150Hz, the lesser of 1.5mm full amplitude or 20m/s², 2 hours in each direction of xyz (without power)
    Shock proof 100m/ s² 3 times in each direction of XYZ (without electricity)
    Fluid Air, Non-corrosive gas, Non-flammable gas
    Takeover diameter M5
    Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC ±10%, Ripple (p-p) 10% or less (With power supply polarity protection)
    Current consumption 40 mA or less
    Repeat accurancy ±0.2% F.S.±1 digit
    Display 3 1/2 digit, 7-segment indicator, 1-color display (Red)
    Display accurancy ±2% F.S. ±1 digit (at 25°C ±3°C ambient temperature)
    Indicator light Lights up when output is turned ON. OUT1: Green; OUT2: Red
    Lead wire with connector ±2% F.S. (at 25°C in an operating range of -5 to 50°C)
    Temperature characteristics Oilproof heavy-duty vinyl cable.5 cores, ∅3.5, 2 m, Conductor area: 0.15 mm2 (AWG26) Insulator O.D.: 1.0 mm
    Standards CE marking, RoHS, UL/ CSA

    Internal Circuits and Wiring

    Digital pressure switch wiring diagram of NPNDigital pressure switch wiring diagram of PNP

    Dimension (mm)

    Digital pressure switch dimension

    Piping specification

    Model M5 M5
    Port size M5*0.8 (Side port) M5*0.8 (Rear ported)
    Wetted part material Sensor pressure receiving area Sensor pressure receiving area: Silicon
    Piping port C3604 (Electroless nickel plating)
    O-ring: HNBR
    Weight With lead wire with connector (5 cores, 2m) 55g
    Without lead wire with connector 15g

    Tips: What is Digital Pressure Switch?

    The digital pressure switch has a built-in precision pressure sensor, amplifies the pressure signal through a high-precision instrumentation amplifier, collects and processes data through a high-speed MCU, generally uses 4-digit LED real-time digital pressure display, relay signal output, and upper and lower limit control points can be freely set , small hysteresis, anti-vibration, fast response, stable and reliable, high precision (accuracy is generally ±0.5% F.S, high is ±0.2% F.S), the use of hysteresis setting can effectively protect the repeated action caused by pressure fluctuations, protection control The equipment is a high-precision equipment that detects pressure and liquid level signals and realizes pressure and liquid level monitoring and control.

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