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    Digital Coating Thickness Gauge, Handheld

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    The coating thickness gauge is a highly accurate and compact instrument for non-destructive, fast, high-accuracy coating thickness measurement. Paint thickness gauge with measurement ranges 0-1500μm, 0-2000μm, 0-3000μm, and 0-10000μm are available. High standard paint thickness tester supplies for car manufacturing, workshop and paint shop.
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    Buy a paint thickness gauge with 0-1500/2000/3000/10000μm online. Low price paint depth gauge has statistical functions of times, maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation. The coating thickness gauge is used to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of coatings or plating on almost any metal surface.


    • Model: ATO-CM10
    • Display: LED Display
    • Statistics: Number Of Measurements, Maximum, Minimum, Average, Standard Deviation
    • Calibration: Zero Point, One Point, Two Point Calibration
    • Working Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
    • Auto Power-off:
    • Power Supply: 2*1.5V Batteries
    • Dimension: 149mm×73mm×32mm (H×W×D)
    • Package Weight: 0.2kg

    Datasheet of Coating Thickness Gauge

    Datasheet of digital coating thickness gauge

    Paint Thickness Gauge Details

    Different probes of hand-held coating thickness gaugeDetails of digital coating thickness gauge

    Tips: Coating thickness gauge troubleshooting

    The display value of the dry film thickness gauge is unstable. The display value of the paint thickness gauge is unstable, mainly due to the particularity of the material and structure of the workpiece itself. For example, whether the workpiece itself is a magnetic material, if it is a magnetic material, we must choose a magnetic coating thickness gauge. If the workpiece is a conductor, we have to choose an eddy current coating thickness gauge. In addition, the surface roughness and attachments of the workpiece are also one of the reasons for the instability of the display value of the car paint thickness gauge, such as excessive surface roughness of the workpiece and too many surface attachments. The method of troubleshooting is to smooth the workpiece with relatively large roughness and remove the attachment.
    The measurement result error is too large. The main reasons for the large measurement error of the coating thickness meter are Base metal magnetization, too small base metal thickness, edge effects, too small curvature of the workpiece, excessive surface roughness, magnetic field interference, and incorrect placement of the probe, etc.
    The paint thickness gauge does not display numbers. Check whether the battery is fully charged. If the measurement still does not display the value after determining that the battery is fully charged, consider replacing the paint thickness meter with a new one.

    Existing reviews of Digital Coating Thickness Gauge, Handheld
    Highly recommend it
    I bought a handheld coating thickness gauge for my work, I have to say this is a really cool device which is is very useful for paint correction checks! The digital coating thickness gauge works great! I highly recommend it.
    From: Shaina | Date: 22/11/2022
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    Simple to use
    This is a good coating thickness gauge with good accuracy, easy to use and accurate enough to see if the panel has been painted. I really like the consistency, but the build quality leaves something to be desired, but the accuracy is consistent after calibration.
    From: Yusuf | Date: 29/06/2022
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