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    Digital Inclinometer, Dual Axis, Output RS485/ RS232

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    Digital inclinometer for sale. Output signal RS485/ RS232, dual axis, measuring range ±15°/ ±30° can be chosen, absolute accuracy 0.05°/ rms, IP54 waterproof grade, -10℃~70℃ working temperature. High accuracy digital inclinometer, high performance and low price.
    SKU: ATO-DMI-825
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    Dual axis digital inclinometer with 10g rms, 10-100Hz shock impact, designed with aluminum anodizing which offers long service lifetime.


    • Accuracy: <0.003°
    • Repeatability: 0.003°
    • Angle resolution: 0.001°
    • Measuring range: ±15°/ ±30°
    • Data store function.
    • Absolute/Relative measurement can switch.
    • Both sides and bottom can be measured.
    • Double benchmark strong magnet installation.
    • Auto-angle interleaved compensation function.
    • Auto temperature drift compensation.
    • Built-in rechargable industy battaries.
    • Night vision fours colors screen.
    • Filter frequency optional. 


    Model DMI825-15 DMI825-30
    Angle Measuring Range ±15° ±30°
    Mm Measuring Range 267mm 577mm
     Millimeter Measuring Accuracy 0.1 mm (RMS) 0.2 mm (RMS)
    The Highest Measuring Accuracy <0.005 (Full measuring range) <0.001 (Full measuring range)
    Measuring Axis Dual axis
    Angle Measuringt Solution 0.001°
    Three Measuring Mode Selectable Radian, Angle, mm/meter can be set
    Absolute Accuracy 0.05°/rms
    Millimeter Measuring LCD 0.02 mm
    LCD 64-color true color luminous display
    LCD Visible Area Size L57.6mm*W43.2mm
    Working Temperature -10℃-70℃
    Working Humidity 85% RH
    Power Supply 3.7V Charging Lithium Battery
    Ideal Charging Time 5h
    Battery Sustainable Charging Times 11h
    Output Signal RS485/RS232
    Equipped with PC Software VC Software
    Connect Plug in Standard 5 Pin USB Connector
    Shock Resistance 10g @11ms, three-axis (Half sine wave)
    Shock Impact 10g rms, 10-100Hz
    Weight 300g
    Waterproof Grade IP54
    Material Aluminum Anodizing
    Size L117mm*W75mm*H27.1mm
    Certificate CE, FCC, ROHS
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (unit=mm)

    Dimension of digital inclinometer DMI-815

    Measuring Direction

     Measuring direction of digital inclinometer DMI-815

    Tips: Precautions of Digital Inclinometer.

    1. Keep it clean when in use, and wipe the instrument regularly.
    2. The working temperature should be kept at 0℃~4o℃.
    3. Sensitivity will decrease due to usage conditions or time, so it should be calibrated regularly to maintain basic accuracy.
    4. The relative humidity of the environment should be ≤80%.
    5. After use, it should be placed in a dry environment.
    Existing reviews of Digital Inclinometer, Dual Axis, Output RS485/ RS232
    100% accurate quality made , excellent I am very happy.
    I am very impressed with the quality of this digital inclinometer. I have purchased a few different types not one if them had the 4 types of measurements none of them have been 100% accurate ,this one is the one you want, if you are a stickler for detail and accuracy, this one is for you.
    From: Mar | Date: 30/06/2022
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