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    High Accuracy Digital Inclinometer, Single Axis, Output USB1.1

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    Low price digital inclinometer for sale, with single axis, USB1.1 output signal, optional measuring range ±15°/ ±30°, angle measuring solution 0.001°, three measuring mode can be chosen. It is widely used in building construction, automobile four wheel testing, industrial platform, machinery installation, Medical instruments.
    SKU: ATO-DMI-810
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    Single axis digital inclinometer with 0.1 mm (RMS)/ 0.2 mm (RMS)  millimeter measuring accuracy, 0.02 mm millimeter measuring LCD.


    • Accuracy: <0.003°
    • Repeatability: 0.003°
    • Angle resolution: 0.001°
    • Measuring range: ±15°/ ±30°
    • Data store function.
    • Absolute/Relative measurement can switch.
    • Both sides and bottom can be measured.
    • Double benchmark strong magnet installation.
    • Auto-angle interleaved compensation function.
    • Auto temperature drift compensation.
    • Built-in rechargable industy battaries.
    • Night vision fours colors screen.
    • Filter frequency optional. 


    Model DMI810-15 DMI810-30
    Angle Measuring Range ±15° ±30°
    Mm Measuring Range 267mm 577mm
     Millimeter Measuring Accuracy 0.1 mm (RMS) 0.2 mm (RMS)
    The Highest Measuring Accuracy <0.005 (Full measuring range) <0.001 (Full measuring range)
    Measuring Axis Single axis
    Angle Measuringt Solution 0.001°
    Three Measuring Mode Selectable Radian, Angle, mm/meter can be set
    Millimeter Measuring LCD 0.02 mm
    LCD 64-color true color luminous display
    LCD Visible Area Size L57.6mm*W43.2mm
    Working Temperature -10℃-70℃
    Working Humidity 85% RH
    Power Supply 3.7V Charging Lithium Battery
    Ideal Charging Time 5h
    Battery Sustainable Charging Times 11h
    Output Signal USB1.1 (Virtual Serial Device), Optional: RS232/RS485
    Equipped with PC Software VC Software
    Connect Plug in Standard 5 Pin USB Connector
    Shock Resistance 10g @11ms, three-axis (Half sine wave)
    Shock Impact 10g rms, 10-100Hz
    Weight 300g
    Waterproof Grade IP54
    Material Aluminum Anodizing
    Size L107mm*W75mm*H27.1mm
    Certificate CE, FCC, ROHS
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (unit=mm)

    Dimension of digital inclinometer DMI810

    Measuring Direction

    Measuring direction of digital inclinometer DMI810

    Tips: The Characteristics of Digital Inclinometer.

    1. Complete 360-degree measurement in 4 directions.
    2. When the inclinometer is turned upside down, the angle readings displayed on the LCD will automatically flip upwards for easy reading.
    3. Precise stainless steel measuring structure.
    4. It can be re-calibrated without any special tools and equipment.
    5. Multi-purpose measuring tool, three-in-one protractor, inclinometer and spirit leve
    6. A 3-volt battery lasts for 3000 hours.
    Existing reviews of High Accuracy Digital Inclinometer, Single Axis, Output USB1.1
    Extremely easy to use
    I liked it very much, and although it is smaller than it seems, it is still very practical; I use it to level my bench saw every time I have to change the angle, I also use it to corroborate the angles of the miter and help me adjust it. The screen is sharp as well as the number of it, and its use is very easy and accurate.
    From: cwt | Date: 22/04/2022
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