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    Digital Multimeter for Resistance/Capacitance/Inductance

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    Buy the best multimeter for inductance/resistance/capacitance measurement. It comes with a manual range mode, 1999 max display, triode testing, data hold, low battery indication, overload protection and other functions. 200 ohm digital multimeter is widely used in electronics, electrical engineering, and electrical repair, etc.
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    The provided smart multimeter can be used for measuring inductance/resistance/capacitance. It is a digital multimeter with a 1999 max display, manual range mode, triode testing, high accuracy, portable design, easy operation, widely used in electronics, electrical engineering, and electrical repair, among other fields.


    Model ATO-MLT-UA6243L
    Maximum Display Value 1999
    Operation Mode Manual Range
    Battery Type 6F22 9V Battery (Not Included)
    Weight About 300g
    Resistance 20Ω/200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/20MΩ/200MΩ/2000MΩ
    Capacitance 2000pF/20nF/200nF/2μF/20μF/200μF
    Inductance 20mH/200mH/2H/20H
    Input Impedance 10MΩ
    Triode Testing
    Data Hold
    Low Battery Display
    Back Light
    Function Protection

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Digital multimeter dimensions.


    Smart multimeter applicationsTips: How to use a multimeter?

    To use a multimeter, follow these general steps:

    1. Set the dial to the appropriate function and range for the measurement you want to take.
    2. Connect the probes to the multimeter by plugging them into the appropriate jacks.
    3. Connect the probes to the circuit or component being measured.
    4. Read the measurement value on the multimeter display.
    5. Turn off the multimeter and disconnect the probes from the circuit.

    For specific instructions, consult the manual that came with your multimeter or search online for tutorials and videos on using a multimeter. Additionally, it's important to always observe safety precautions when working with electricity, such as wearing appropriate protective gear and ensuring the circuit or component is turned off before taking measurements.

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    Must have
    Small and accurate, it does what it's supposed to do with ease. This digital multimeter fits in my bag, easy to use and carry.
    From: Margaret | Date: 30/03/2023
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