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    Digital Temperature Sensor with transmitter, Pt100, 2 Wire

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    RTD sensor with digital meter can directly display high-precision real-time temperature. It converts temperature to 4-20mA standard signal proportional to the electrical signals of thermistor, and outputs to display instrument or DCS system in control room. Built-in small transmitter adopts silicone rubber seal structure, good anti-interference ability, shock and humidity, apply to harsh environments. Measuring temperature range -200~+420 ℃.
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    RTD temperature sensor can directly provide accurate input signal of temperature changes for display instruments, recording instruments, signal conditioners, scanister and computer.


    1. RTD temperature range and accuracy chart

    Type of sensing element Measuring range Allowable deviation Δt
    Pt100 -200~420℃ Class B (-200~800℃) Permissible deviation ±(0.30+0.005|t|)
    Class A (-200~650℃) Permissible deviation ±(0.15+0.002|t|)
    Cu50 -100~150℃ -50~100℃ Permissible deviation ±(0.30+6.0*10-3t)

    Note: t is the actual measuring temperature absolute value of the temperature sensing element.
    2. Transmitter parameter chart

    Input Platinum thermistor: PT100, PT1000
    Output 4-20mA
    Intrinsic error ±0.2%, ±0.5%
    Transmission mode Two wire
    Supply voltage DC 12~35V, rated voltage DC 24V
    Load resistance 0~600Ω (DC 24V), rated load 250Ω
    Temperature influence ≤0.05/1℃
    Working environment Temperature: -25~+80℃, humidity: 5%~95%, mechanical vibration: f≤55Hz, amplitude<0.15mm
    Display 3 1/2digital display or LCD display, temperature unit is degree centigrade (℃).

    3. Meter and protection head type (unit: mm)
    RTD sensor meter and protection head type

    4. Selection chart

    Type of sensing element Meter type Installing form Mode of connection Thermowell diameter Thermowell total length
    T4: Pt100;
    T6: Pt1000
    P0: No meter;
    P2: Meter with digital display (unit: ℃);
    P4: Intelligent meter with digital display (unit: ℃)
    I1: No fixed device;
    I2: Fixed card sets of thread joint (thread M27*2mm);
    I3: Movable card sets of thread joint (thread M27*2mm);
    I4: Fixed card sets of flange (flang DN 15mm);
    I6: Taper thermowell and fixing thread (thread M27*2mm)
    C3: Standard waterproof protection head;
    C4: Explosion-proof protection head
    D0: Φ16mm (when thermowell insertion depth≥300mm);
    D1: Φ12mm (when thermowell insertion depth<300mm)

    Note: The sensing element is sheath RTD sensor, thermowell material is stainless steel, and circuit adopts non-isolated type. When ordering products, write the thermowell insertion depth l and the corresponding temperature range for output 4~20mA signal you need.
    Tips: Troubleshooting of Pt100 RTD sensor

    1. Fault: Instrument shows negative value.
      Possible cause: Wrong connection between display instrument and Pt100 RTD sensor, or short circuit of Pt100 RTD sensor.
      Processing method: Correct the connection, find out short circuit position and strengthen insulation.
    2. Fault: Instrument shows that the indicated value of Pt100 RTD sensor is lower than the actual value or the indicating value is unstable.
      Possible cause: There are metal chips, dust, dirt among wiring terminal and Pt100 RTD sensor short circuit.
      Processing method: Remove metal chips, clean dust and water drops, find out short circuit position and strengthen insulation.
    3. Fault: Instrument displays infinity.
      Possible reasons: Pt100 RTD sensor or lead wire short circuit, or connection terminal loosening, etc.
      Processing method: Change the resistance body, or welding and tighten the thread screw.
    4. Fault: Relation between Pt100 RTD sensor resistance value and temperature has changed.
      Possible cause: Resistance wire of Pt100 RTD sensor become corrosive and degenerative.
      Processing method: Replace resistance wire of Pt100 RTD sensor.

    In this video, ATO will show you how to use RTD PT100 with transmitter and temperature controller to measure temperature.

    Existing reviews of Digital Temperature Sensor with transmitter, Pt100, 2 Wire
    Good 2-wire digital temperature sensor
    Before shipping, can you send me some photos of this Pt100 digital temperature sensor?
    From: Rural | Date: 02/03/2021
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    ATO Responded
    We hope to get this order. Yes, we will fully support you. And will send you the photos of the Pt100 digital temperature sensor before shipment.
    Can the digital temperature sensor be customized?
    I'm looking a PT 100, class B, RTD sensor probe with protection head, about 60 inches long shealth, fixing thread, but wtihout thermowell, just sensor probe with head. Can you customize based on our specs?
    From: Michelle | Date: 22/04/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can. Please inform about your specs (sheath length, diameter, 2 or 3 wires etc.), so can quote accordingly.
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