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    Digital Torque Adapter, 30Nm/ 135Nm/ 200Nm

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    Cheap price digital torque adapter online for sale, 30Nm/ 135Nm/ 200Nm three rated torque can be chosen, minimum graduation value 0.01Nm, three working mode for selection. It is suitable for automotive, bicycle, various machinery maintenance and other industries.
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    Factory price digital torque adapter with bidirectional reading error is ±2% clockwise and ±2.5% counterclockwise, real-time mode, which has peak mode, preset mode three working mode to choose. It can used for various tightening and disassembly control strengths.


    Model ENC-30 ENC-135 ENC-200
    Operating range 3-30Nm 13.5-135Nm 20-200Nm
    Torque 30Nm 135Nm 200Nm
    Minimum graduation value 0.01Nm
    Working mode Real-time mode, peak mode, preset mode
    Connector 1/2
    Torque accuracy ±2% clockwise, ±2.5% counterclockwise
    Weight 0.39kg
    Warranty 12 months

    Product structure

    Product structure of digital torque adapter

    Tips: How to Maintain and storage Digital Torque Adapter?
    1. Note: In order to maintain good accuracy, it is recommended to recalibrate approximately once a year.
    2. Excessive torque may cause damage or loss of accuracy (105% beyond the maximum torque range).
    3. Do not shake the torque meter violently or drop the torque meter on the ground.
    4. Do not place the torque meter in high temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight.
    5. If you accidentally get the torque meter wet, wipe it with a dry towel immediately.
    6. Do not put too much pressure on the LCD screen.

    Existing reviews of Digital Torque Adapter, 30Nm/ 135Nm/ 200Nm
    Works well, good accuracy
    The digital torque adapter works well,  the accuracy is quite good. The seller was quick to ship and answered my questions in time. It is much cheaper than torque wrenches of comparable accuracy. I am happy with it and will buy again.
    From: Keith | Date: 19/04/2022
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    I bought a torque adapter with 135Nm, comparing it to my manual torque wrenches, it's accurate. The backlight turns on automatically when you start applying torque. Handy small case fits everything. The buttons are tiny but it is not important. The body is plastic, so don't drop it on a concrete floor or you will probably damage it. Overall this is a useful device that's great for achieving accurate torque and it does what I expected and I would recommend it.
    From: Belle | Date: 24/08/2021
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