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    Electrode Level Sensor, SPDT Contact

    Economical price electrode level sensor for sale, with 240VAC/24VDC 5A, SPDT contact, optional power supply 220V AC or 24V AC. is a switch used to measure the level of liquids or solids in a container by utilizing the principles of conductivity. As the liquid or material rises or falls, it comes into contact with the electrodes, creating electrical connections.
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    Electrode level sensors are valued for their reliability, accuracy, and suitability for diverse environments, making them essential tools in industries ranging from manufacturing to chemical processing. This technology is commonly used in various industrial applications, such as monitoring liquid levels in tanks, ensuring precise control of processes, and preventing overflows or shortages.


    • Suitable for controlling the liquid level of any conductive liquid (forbidden to use in volatile liquids).
    • It has a surge protection function, which can effectively prevent surge interference.
    • Multi-point control is possible, and the control positions can be customized according to user needs.
    • The electrode head uses low AC voltage to avoid electrolysis and extend the service life.
    • It has two indicator lights that can display the water supply and drainage status.


    Model ATO-ELS-040
    Electrode Wetted Material (Optional) SUS304 or 316L+PP(PE) Working Temperature: -20~80℃
    SUS304 or 316L+PTFE Working Temperature: -20~200℃
    TI+PTFE Working Temperature: -20~200℃
    Process Connection Thread or Flange (the size is related to the number of liquid level control points required.)
    Controller Power Supply Voltage (Optional) 220V AC or 24V AC
    Contact Capacity 240VAC/24VDC 5A, SPDT
    One controller corresponds to one liquid level point output (several liquid level points are detected corresponding to several controllers, and the common pole of each controller must be connected to the common pole of the electrode rod.)

    Controller Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Electrode controller dimension


    Electrode level sensor wirng


    1. For vertical installation only.
    2. The voltage fluctuation range is within ±15%, and the voltage must be stable.
    3. Avoid installation in places subject to large vibration or impact (may cause malfunction).
    4. This product is not suitable for non-conductive liquids, such as gasoline, diesel, heavy oil, pure water, etc.
    5. All poles must be at least 50mm different from the longest pole (as shown below).
    6. When the liquid contacts the electrode, its action will change due to different types of liquid and changes in power supply voltage.
    7. To ensure that the electrode rods do not come into contact with each other in the water, you can wrap tape on the electrode rod, but it must be wrapped around the part 100mm behind the front end of the electrode rod.

    Use of electrode level sensor

    Tips: What is an electrode level sensor?

    An electrode level sensor is a device designed to measure and monitor the level of a substance, typically a liquid, using electrodes. These sensors employ the principle of conductivity, where the electrical conductivity of a substance changes based on its level. The sensor consists of electrodes placed at different levels in a container or tank. As the liquid rises or falls, the conductivity between the electrodes varies, allowing the sensor to detect and quantify the level changes. This information is then translated into a readable output, providing real-time data on the substance's level. Electrode level sensors find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, chemical processing, and water treatment, enabling efficient and accurate monitoring of fluid levels for process control and safety purposes.

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