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    Electronic Hour Meter, 6 Digit

    Low price 6-digit electronic hour meter features a built-in high-capacity lithium battery, which is automatically saved when power is turned off, with a lifespan of ≥5 years, HD LCD display, and PC casing. Reliable digital hour meter is available with optional hour/minute/second units.
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    6 digit electronic hour meter for sale online. ATO digital hour meter is equipped with optional hour/minute/second units, high-capacity lithium battery, HD LCD display, PC case, easy to use, long service life and low consumption.


    Model ATO-H7ET-8M
    Panel Size 24x48mm
    Hole Size 22.2x45mm
    Power Life ≥5 Years
    Display Method LCD
    Ambient Temperature -10~60℃
    Unit of Time Second Minute Hour
    Display Digit 6 Digit
    Scope 99H59M59S 9999H59M 99999.9H (It is recorded every 6 minutes and the counter advances by one.)
    Reset Mode Panel/Terminal
    Error ≤0.02%
    Weight 0.0601kg 0.588kg 0.0590kg

    Hour Meter Selection

    Electronic hour meter selection


    Electronic hour meter dimension

    Wiring Diagram

    The hour meter cannot be connected to voltage. When terminals ①, ② are connected, the cumulative time starts, when terminals ①, ② are disconnected, time counting stops, and when terminals ③, ④ are closed, it is cleared.


    Electronic hour meter wiring

    No Voltage Input Wiring Diagram

    Electronic hour meter wiring

    Tips: What can a 6-digit electronic hour meter do? 

    A 6-digit electronic hour meter is a device designed to measure and display the accumulated running time of a machine, equipment, or any system. It typically features a digital display with six digits, allowing it to record hours up to 999,999. This device plays a crucial role in various applications across different industries. Here are several functions and applications of a 6-digit electronic hour meter:

    • Equipment Maintenance: Hour meters are essential for scheduling and performing regular maintenance. By tracking the operating hours, users can adhere to manufacturer recommendations for service intervals, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of equipment.
    • Warranty Validation: In some cases, equipment warranties are based on the number of hours of operation. The hour meter provides a reliable record to validate warranty claims and ensure compliance with warranty terms.
    • Energy Consumption Monitoring: Hour meters are used in appliances and devices to monitor energy consumption over time. This information is valuable for assessing energy efficiency and making informed decisions about energy usage.
    • Vehicle Management: In automotive and marine applications, hour meters help track engine runtime. This information is useful for maintenance, resale valuation, and ensuring compliance with leasing agreements that may be based on mileage or hours of operation.
    • Rental Equipment Tracking: Hour meters are commonly used in rental equipment to accurately bill customers based on actual usage. This helps rental businesses maintain accurate records and ensure fair billing practices.
    • Industrial Processes: In manufacturing and industrial settings, hour meters are integrated into machinery to monitor production time, optimize workflows, and plan maintenance activities efficiently.
    • Generator Usage: Hour meters on generators assist in tracking the runtime for maintenance purposes, fuel consumption analysis, and ensuring that backup power sources are ready when needed.

    Overall, a 6-digit electronic hour meter serves as a versatile and reliable tool for tracking operational time, enabling users to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, efficiency, and resource management.

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