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    2/5/10/13/15MHz Function Signal Generator

    Function signal generator price is affordable, frequency range 0.1Hz~2MHz/5MHz/10MHz/13MHz/15MHz for selection, with 1Hz~30MHz frequency counter. Directly generate sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, ramp wave, pulse wave, sawtooth wave, etc. Low distortion of 10Hz-100kHz, less than 1%.
    SKU: ATO-FSG-30
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    • High stability, wide-band function signal generator, easy to operate, durable.
    • With VCF input control function, TTL/CMOS can output synchronously with OUTPUT. Waveform is adjustable symmetrically and has a reverse output, DC level can be continuously adjusted.
    • Digital window shows both the frequency of internal generator and the frequency of external input signals below 30MHz.


    Model ATO-FSG-30
    Frequency Range 0.1Hz~2MHz 0.1Hz~5MHz 0.1Hz~10MHz 0.1Hz~13MHz 0.1Hz~15MHz
    Output Waveforms sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, ramp wave, positive and negative pulse wave, sawtooth wave
    Output Impedance 50Ω ± 10%
    Output Amplitude ≥20Vp-p (open circuit), 10Vp-p (50Ω load)
    DC Voltage 0~±10V continuously adjustable
    Symmetry Range 90:10 -- 10:90
    Rising Edge of Square <100ns <50ns <35ns
    Sine Characteristic
    Distortion <1% at 10Hz-100KHz
    Frequency Response 0.1Hz~100kHz: < ±0.5dB
    100kHz~2MHz: < ±1dB
    TTL/CMOS Output
    Level TTL low level <0.4V in pulse wave,high level <3.5V.
    CMOS low <0.5V in pulse wave,high level 5V~14V continuously variable.
    Rising Time <100ns
    VCF Input
    Input Voltage -5V~0V ± 10%
    Max.volt-controlled 1000:1
    Input Signal DC-1kHz
    Frequency Counter
    Measuring Range 1Hz~30MHz
    Input Impedance ≥1MW/20pF
    Sensitivity 100mVrms
    Max.Input 150V (AC+DC)
    Input Atttenuation 20dB
    Accuracy <0.003% ± 1 digit
    Line Power 220V/110V ±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
    Dimension 310W*100H*260L mm
    Certification CE

    Panel Description of Function Signal Generator

    Panel Description of Function Signal Generator

    Tips: What is a function signal generator?

    Function signal generator is a device that can provide electrical signals of various frequencies, waveforms, and output levels. When measuring the amplitude characteristics, frequency characteristics, transmission characteristics, and other electrical specifications of various telecommunication systems or telecommunication equipment, or when measuring the characteristics and specifications of components, function signal generator is used as a signal source or excitation source for testing. Function signal generator, also called signal source or oscillator, has a wide range of applications in the field of production practice and technology.

    Function signal generator system is mainly composed of main vibration stage, main vibration output adjustment potentiometer, voltage amplifier, output attenuator, power amplifier, impedance converter and indicator voltmeter. When a small signal sine wave is input to the input terminal, the signal is transmitted in two ways. One way completes the rectification and voltage doubling function to provide working power, and the other way enters the input end of inverter to complete the signal amplification function. The amplified signal is processed by the gate circuit of subsequent stage, and converted into a square wave and output, the output end is an adjustable resistor. Various waveform curves generated by the function signal generator can be represented by trigonometric equations.

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