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    Single/3 Phase Bar Fuse Isolator Switch

    Isolator switch has fuse, can be single-phase independent breaking or 3-phase simultaneous breaking. Rated working current can selecte 160A/250A/400A/630A. It is suitable for industrial distribution system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage 400V/630V. Current transformer is integrated with the bar switch, easy to adjust incoming and outgoing wires.
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    Fuse isolator switch structure is simple, easy to install and disassemble. The base, handle, and arc extinguishing cover are made of arc-resistant plastic, which has good mechanical strength, flame retardancy and dielectric properties. The bar switch can be inserted into fuse body as a moving contact, or it can be directly used as a isolator switch with a blade.


    Model ATO-FIS-HG2B
    Rated Thermal Current (Ith) 160A 250A 400A 630A
    Rated Isolation Voltage (Ui) 690V
    Rated Working Voltage AC 400V/660V
    Rated Frequency 50Hz
    Rated Working Current (400V/AC-23B) 160A 250A 400A 630A
    Rated Working Current (660V/AC-22B) 100A 200A 315A 425A
    Rated Making Capacity (Ar.m.s) 10Ie
    Rated Breaking Capacity (Ar.m.s) 8Ie
    Rated Limited Short-Circuit Current 50kA
    Certification CE
    Mechanical Life (times) 3000 2000 1000 1000
    Electrical Life (times) 600 400 200 200
    Consumption Power 12W 24W 34W 48W

    Matching Relationship of Switch and Fuse

    Rated Thermal Current Fuse Size Fuse Rated Current (A)
    160A NT100 32, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160
    250A NT3 200, 250
    400A NT3 315, 355, 400
    630A NT3 425, 500, 630

    160A Isolator Switch Installation Dimension (mm)

    160A Isolator Switch Installation Dimension

    Rated Thermal Current Phase A B C D h a
    160A 3-Phase 448 49 120 205 50 100
    Single Phase 650 49 150 230 90 185

    250/400/630A Isolator Switch Installation Dimension (mm)

    250/400/630A Isolator Switch Installation Dimension

    Rated Thermal Current Phase A B C D h a
    250A/400A/630A 3-Phase 764 98 195 457 105 185
    Single Phase 764 98 195 300 105 185

    Tips: Fuse isolator switch structure features.

    1. Fuse isolator switch is mainly composed of base, handle, arc extinguishing cover and other parts.
    2. Three sets of static contacts are directly installed on the base, and fuse body is installed in the handle to directly serve as moving contact blade.
    3. Handle can be opened in a fan-shaped rotation along the fulcrum on base, so that the fuse can be completely pulled out of static contact. The handle can also be easily removed from the base to facilitate switch installation and safe installation/removal of the fuse.
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