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    Heavy Duty Connector, 10 Pin, AC 250V/500V, 16A

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    Heavy duty connector 10 pin has 16A working current, 250VAC/500VAC working voltage, pollution degree III, optional 8 shell items. The applicable temperature range is -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉), and the protection class is IP65. So 10 pin heavy duty connector can be used in harsh environments.
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    10 pin heavy duty connector with working voltage AC 250V/500V and current 16A.


    Basic Model ATO-HDCN-HA-010-1 ATO-HDCN-HA-010-2 ATO-HDCN-HA-010-3 ATO-HDCN-HA-010-4 ATO-HDCN-HE-010-1 ATO-HDCN-HE-010-2 ATO-HDCN-HE-010-3 ATO-HDCN-HE-010-4
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Standard DIN EN 60 664-1, DIN EN 61 984
    Number of pins 10 pin + PE
    Certificate CCC, CE, ROHS, RU, CSA, TUV
    Inserts Item HA-010-M HA-010-M HA-010-M HA-010-M HE-010-M HE-010-M HE-010-M HE-010-M
    Working current 16A
    Working voltage 250V 250V 250V 250V 500V 500V 500V 500V
    Rated pulse voltage urms 4kV 4kV 4kV 4kV 6kV 6kV 6kV 6kV
    Pollution degree 3 (C)
    Insulation resistance ≥1010Ω
    Material Polycarbonate
    Working temperature Range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉)
    Flammability according to UL94 V0
    Working voltage according to UL / CSA 600V
    Insertion / withdrawal cycles ≥500
    Contacts Item HA-010-F HA-010-F HA-010-F HA-010-F HE-010-F HE-010-F HE-010-F HE-010-F
    Material Copper alloy
    Surface treatment Silver/ Gold plating
    Contact resistance ≤1mΩ
    Wiring form Screw connection
    Wire specification 0.75-2.5mm2 AWG 18-14
    Tightening torque 0.5N·m
    Shell Hood item H10A-TS-RO-M20 H10A-TG-RO-M20 H10A-TS-RO-M20 H10A-TG-RO-M20 H10B-TS-M20 H10B-TG-M20 H10B-TS-M20 H10B-TG-M20
    Hood thread M20 M20 M20 M20 M20 M20 M20 M20
    Housing item H10A-AG-B H10A-AG-B H10A-SGRLB-2M20 H10A-SGRLB-2M20 H10B-AG H10B-AG H10B-SGR-2M20 H10B-SGR-2M20
    Housing thread - - 2*M20 2*M20 - - 2*M20 2*M20
    Material Cast zinc Cast zinc Cast zinc Cast zinc Cast aluminum Cast aluminum Cast aluminum Cast aluminum
    Surface treatment Powder-coated, gray
    Interlocking element Interlocking method: metal elastic pressing, material: galvanized iron/ stainless steel Interlocking method: metal elastic pressing, material: galvanized iron
    Sealing element NBR
    Applicable temperature range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉)
    Flammability class V0
    Protection class IP65

    Dimension for 10 pin 250V heavy duty connector (unit: mm):
    10 pin AC 250 volt  heavy duty connector dimension
    Dimension for 10 pin 500V heavy duty connector (unit: mm):
    10 pin AC 500 volt  heavy duty connector dimension
    Tips: What is the pollution degree of heavy-duty connector?

    Pollution degree
    The following classifications conform to IEC60664-1.
    The measurement of the device is related to environmental conditions. Pollution that may occur will affect its electrical conductivity and affect the surface insulation performance with humidity. The degree of contamination affects the structure of the component through creepage distances. The degree of pollution is defined according to environmental conditions as unprotected, bare insulation.

    Pollution degree I
    No pollution or only dry non-conductive pollution, which has no effect, such as a computer room, measuring equipment room.

    Pollution Degree II
    Only non-conductive pollution occurs, but it must be expected that condensate will occasionally have transient conductive pollution, such as residential, commercial buildings, laboratories, precision machinery workshops.

    Pollution Degree III
    There is conductive pollution, or dry non-conductive pollution becomes conductive pollution due to expected condensation. Such as unheated warehouses, workshops or boiler rooms and electrical equipment or machine tools of the unit. Heavy-duty connectors are designed according to pollution degree III.

    Pollution Degree IV
    Causes persistent conductive pollution, for example, caused by conductive dust or rain and snow. Such as the open air or outdoor spaces, roof equipment of trains or trams.

    Existing reviews of Heavy Duty Connector, 10 Pin, AC 250V/500V, 16A
    Heavy duty connector is easy to install
    I bought this 10-pin heavy duty connector on my electrical device. The connector is simple to use and the price is reasonable! So far, it works great!
    From: Sapello | Date: 30/05/2022
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