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    Heavy Duty Connector, 48 Pin, AC 500 Volt / 16A

    48 pin heavy duty connector has 16A working current, 500VAC working voltage and optional 4 shell items for choice. The shell thread is M32. Heavy duty connectors with applicable temperature range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉), protection class IP65, 500 insertion/withdrawal cycles can be used in construction machinery, hot runner system, robots and other automation equipment.
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    48 pin heavy duty connector with working voltage AC 500 volt and current 16A.


    Basic Model ATO-HDCN-HE-048-1 ATO-HDCN-HE-048-2 ATO-HDCN-HE-048-3 ATO-HDCN-HE-048-4
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Standard DIN EN 60 664-1, DIN EN 61 984
    Number of pins 2*(24 pin + PE)
    Certificate CCC, CE, ROHS, RU, CSA, TUV
    Inserts Item HE-024-M (1-24)
    HE-024-M (25-48)
    HE-024-M (1-24)
    HE-024-M (25-48)
    HE-024-M (1-24)
    HE-024-M (25-48)
    HE-024-M (1-24)
    HE-024-M (25-48)
    Working current 16A
    Working voltage 500V
    Rated pulse voltage urms 6kV
    Pollution degree 3 (C)
    Insulation resistance ≥1010Ω
    Material Polycarbonate
    Working temperature Range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉)
    Flammability according to UL94 V0
    Working voltage according to UL / CSA 600V
    Insertion / withdrawal cycles ≥500
    Contacts Item HE-024-F (1-24)
    HE-024-F (25-48)
    HE-024-F (1-24)
    HE-024-F (25-48)
    HE-024-F (1-24)
    HE-024-F (25-48)
    HE-024-F (1-24)
    HE-024-F (25-48)
    Material Copper alloy
    Surface treatment Silver/ Gold plating
    Contact resistance ≤1mΩ
    Wiring form Screw connection
    Wire specification 0.75-2.5mm2 AWG 18-14
    Tightening torque 0.5N·m
    Shell Hood item H48B-TS-ROM32 H48B-TG-ROM32 H48B-TS-ROM32 H48B-TG-ROM32
    Hood thread M32 M32 M32 M32
    Housing item H48B-AG-LB H48B-AG-LB H48B-SGR-LB-2M32 H48B-SGR-LB-2M32
    Housing thread - - 2*M32 2*M32
    Material Cast aluminum
    Surface treatment Powder-coated, gray
    Interlocking element Interlocking method: metal elastic pressing, material: galvanized iron
    Sealing element NBR
    Applicable temperature range -40℃~+125℃ (-40℉~+257℉)
    Flammability class V0
    Protection class IP65

    Inserts and contacts dimension (unit: mm):
    48 pin heavy duty connector inserts and contacts dimension
    Shell dimension (unit: mm):
    48 pin heavy duty connector shell dimension
    Tips: Why the insertion/withdrawal cycles of the heavy-duty connector are 500 times?
    The contact resistance of heavy duty connector is mainly composed of three parts: conductor resistance, shrinkage resistance, and film resistance. The conductor resistance is usually very small (10-8mΩ) and is usually ignored in the calculation. The actual contact resistance usually only considers shrinkage resistance and film resistance.
    In the range of ≤500 times, the contact resistance change is relatively stable, because the surface film of the contact is continuously damaged at this stage, and the gold plating layer and the parent metal on the surface of the contact have not started to wear. The film resistance in the resistor will continue to drop, so the contact resistance at 500 times will be lower than that at 250 times. After more than 500 times insertions and withdrawals, the reason for the increase in contact resistance is that with the increase of insertion and withdrawal, the surface coating of the contact body and the continuous wear of the substrate causes the contact surface to be rough, and the contact area is reduced. The elasticity of the contact ring decreases, and the positive contact pressure decreases during insertion and withdrawal, resulting in an increase in contact resistance.
    What to do if the customer requires a higher number of insertions/withdrawal cycles?
    The simplest method: On the one hand, use a solid film protective agent on the contact body. On the other hand, pay attention to avoid contact with hydrocarbons during connector assembly and use. These two methods are actually to avoid or reduce the generation of film resistance, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing the number of insertion and withdrawal.

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