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    Heavy Duty Limit Switch with Roller Lever, 1NC, AC 380V

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    Heavy duty limit switch has a dismountable roller lever, a cast steel shell and 1NC contact switch. The roller diameter is 36mm, and the roller thickness is 9mm. Heavy duty limit switch can be used in the automation control system with voltage AC 0-500V/25~60Hz or DC 0-440V, and environment temperature -30~+120℃ (-22~+248℉). Now it is widely used for large transportation machinery, loading and unloading machinery and other heavy duty equipments.
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    Heavy duty limit switch has dismountable roller lever with mounting angle of 90°/180°/270°/360°, contact type 1NC and rated current/voltage 4A/380VAC.


    Model ATO-HDLS-10H/01YD
    Weight 1655g
    Radius of lever 55mm
    Diameter of roller 36mm
    Thickness of roller 9mm
    Adjustable mounting angle of roller 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°
    Rated insulation voltage 500VAC
    Rated frequency 25~60Hz
    Rated heating circuit 16A
    Rated working voltage 380VAC
    Rated working current 4A
    Contact type 1NC
    Operating speed 1mm/min ~ 3m/s
    Rebounding time ≤5ms
    Switching time ≤35ms
    Shell material Cast steel
    Roller lever material Stainless steel
    Temperature -30~+120℃ (-22~+248℉)
    Humidity <95%RH
    Elevation <2000m
    Working life Machinery: >0.5 million times
    Electric: >1 million times (1A/380VAC)
    Protection class IP65

    Roller lever angle in contactor opening and closing:
    Roller lever angle of heavy duty limit switch in contactor opening and closing
    Dimension of roller lever (unit: mm):

    Roller lever of heavy duty limit switch dimension
    Tips: Applications of heavy duty limit switch

    1. Cement pump truck
      Cement pump trucks have long articulated arms or rods that can transport concrete to locations where ordinary cement tankers or pumping machinery are difficult or unreachable. Heavy duty limit switches are used to detect the position of the beam. The limit switch sends a signal to the operator when the beam is properly seated.
    2. Off-highway dump truck
      Off-highway heavy duty dump trucks are usually equipped with an open compartment or dump truck that is hinged to the rear of the truck. These trucks experience very strong vibrations and shocks during normal operation. In addition, these trucks need to work in extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, dust, corrosive chemicals, rain and wind. The heavy duty limit switch detects that the dump or the container is fully seated or not on the truck's chassis. This signal is fed back to the control system to provide an indication to the truck operator.
    3. Planter
      The planter is usually connected to the rear of the farm tractor by a pull roller, thus needing to withstand the strong vibrations and impacts caused by the tractor and the dry, hard, uneven fields.
      Two roller lever limit switches can be used to monitor the position of the planter's tracker arm, and another heavy duty limit switch is used to monitor the on/off status of the pneumatic system.
    4. Harbor bridge crane
      Harbor bridge cranes are very expensive equipments that can be costly to repair or replace if damaged. Moreover, business downtime caused by equipment damage can also result in thousands of dollars in losses. Therefore, it is important to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the various mechanical connections and accessories of the harbor bridge crane, to ensure efficient and precise operation and control. Another important standard for customers in the port crane business is the overall reliability of the system and the safety of workers. The heavy-duty limit switch can be used to detect the position of the crane cab during motion and to detect the switch status of various doors on the crane and the operating status of the inner track.
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    Best Limit Switch
    This limit switch is solid and fit. High quality product and the price was absolutely great. Best limit switch ever! I will buy more next time!
    From: Keith | Date: 27/03/2022
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