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    Hot Runner Temperature Controller

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    Hot runner temperature controller is specially used to detect the temperature of hot runner system. By adjusting the output power, the target temperature value of hot runner system can be kept stable. The hot runner temperature controller adopts an adaptive control method combining fuzzy control and PID control, and the temperature control accuracy can reach 1℃. The input thermocouple type is J type or K type. The temperature settnig range is 0~450℃ (32~842℉).
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    Hot runner temperature controller special for hot runner system temperature control, with fuzzy control and PID control mode, input thermocouple J type or K type.


    Model ATO-TEMPC-S201
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Size 50*200*200mm
    Power supply 85-245VAC, 50/60Hz
    Load capacity 15A (50W-1650W, 110V) / (100W-3600W, 240V)
    Output type PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
    Display 4 digit LED dual digital display for PV and SV
    Temperature sensor type Thermocouple J type or K type
    Temperature setting range 0~450℃ (32~842℉)
    Temperature accuracy 0.5%FS
    Temperature control mode Fuzzy+PID
    Function 1. Self-adaption temperature control
    2. Automatic environment linear temperature compensation
    3. Thermocouple open circuit/reverse/short circuit protection
    4. Heater open circuit/short circuit protection
    5. Insurance tube open circuit alarm
    6. Heater output current monitoring
    7. Output percentage view
    8. Temperature deviation alarm
    9. Leakage error detection
    10. Manual output power mode
    11. Soft start locking
    Environment temperature -10~+55℃ (14~131℉)
    Environment humidity 10-80% (No condensation)
    Warranty 2 years

    Wiring diagram:
    Hot runner temperature controller wiring diagram
    Tips: What is the soft start effect in hot runner temperature controller?
    First, the temperature rise of the hot runner temperature controller must conform to the laws of heat conduction and heat distribution, and a good temperature rise curve is required. It is not the faster the temperature rises, the better the temperature control. Too fast heating not only won't improve production efficiency but also will cause damage to the hot runner and related parts.
    If the hot runner is not the first time to use, there is residuum in it. If the temperature rises fast,  the residual plastic will be heated first. And the heating of the entire flow channel will be very uneven, which will cause the plastic remaining in the runner near the heating circle to be scorched and the plastic that was injected far from the heating circle could not be melted. Therefore, the soft start is a necessary preheating process, it will avoid product failure, avoid plastic harden or even carbonize on the inner wall of the hot runner and adhere to it, and avoid hot runner blocking over time and reduce the service life.

    Existing reviews of Hot Runner Temperature Controller
    High quality temperature controller
    Do you provide 4 wire PID temperature controllers to be used with my 4 wire PT100?
    From: Mclendon | Date: 23/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Do not provide 4 wire PID temperature controller but our 3 wire PID can be connected/worked with the 4 wire PT100 without any issue!
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