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    Industrial Endoscope for Android/Iphone, 6mm Probe, 360 Degree

    Industrial endoscope for sale, with LED light and 18650 battery installation, supports Android, and apple systems. Come with a probe 360° rotation, Mega HD, endoscope camera that can self-adjust the viewing angle. IP67 waterproof borescope is a USB interface with high-temperature warning, reversible charging, and steering pixels. Widely applied in automotive repair, home appliance repair, pipeline inspection, and so on.
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    Industrial endoscope with IP67 waterproof, 360 degree steerable probe, support Android/Apple system, can adjust viewing angle automatically. Touch and button dual operation. Led light make brightness adjustable. Easy to install and use.


    Model ATO-WS-TC
    Host Size 220x78x50mm
    Battery 18650 Lithium battery (with protective plate)
    Battery life More than 2 hours
    Store Mobile phone internal storage
    Interface USB/Type-C
    High-temperature protection High-temperature intelligent alarm equipment automatically shuts down
    Compatible devices (series) Android, IOS system
    Protection level IP54
    Operating temperature - 10°C~50°C
    Storage temperature - 20°C~60°C
    Relative humidity Maximum 90%, no condensation
    Lens Direction of view Look directly
    Field of view (θ) 100°
    Depth of field (DOF) 10mm~200mm
    Pixel 1000000
    Lighting type High-brightness ceramic LED
    Brightness level Level 4
    Diameter(D) 6.0±0.2mm
    Guide 360° head swing
    Bending angle(a) Maximum 210 degrees
    Protection level IP67
    Operating temperature -20°C~70°C
    Insertion tube length 1m
    Material Wear-resistant elastic metal hose


    System Operation method Support mobile phone touch operation and key operation
    Support function Photography, video recording, brightness adjustment, zoom, high temperature, etc.
    File format Image JPEG (JPG) format, video mp4 format
    File management Editable header and reporting functions
    Image control Features freezing, zooming, taking photos, flipping, and video playback
    Supported languages Seven languages including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and English
    Accessories Type-C cable, Micro-USB cable, Apple cable, 2500 mAh battery, mobile phone holder, lanyard, instrument bag, manual


    1. With IP67 waterproof function, the portable endoscope borescope has a USB interface and many good performances such as high-temperature warning, reversible charging, and steering pixel.
    2. It can be operated by the APP button or the device button, which is convenient for the operator to use. Adjustable viewing angle, folding, and storage.
      Equipped with Type-C cable, Micro-USB cable, and Lighting Apple cable, industrial endoscopes are compatible with Android and Apple systems. Install APP on your cell phone and connect the cable to the device to use it
    3. Metal hose is wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, which is good for maintaining stable signal transmission.
    4. Digital endoscope has 360° probe steering, tungsten material is not easy to break, fatigue test 20,000+. With high brightness LED auxiliary light, brightness 4 levels adjustable, the endoscope camera can present the best image effect. The megapixel probe can be high-quality imaging, clear picture
    5. IP67 protection level can be adapted to more used environments, such as automotive repair, home appliance repair, pipeline inspection


    6mm probe endoscope structure

    6mm probe endoscope component structure


    Tips: What are the uses of industrial endoscopes?

    1. Industrial endoscopes can be used in automobile parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body and valve body casting, mechanical parts casting, pipeline fittings casting units, and are used to inspect casting sand inclusions, burrs, staggered holes, etc.
    2. Industrial endoscopes can be used for regular inspections of aircraft turbines, blades, engines, weld surfaces, duct surfaces, internal combustion chambers, or body inspections, as well as in the research, development, and manufacturing of rocket engines.
    3. Industrial endoscopes can be used for internal defect detection and inspection of storage tanks, heat exchangers, spherical tank trucks in petroleum refineries, pipeline facilities in the chemical industry, containers, cylinders, pipelines, etc. in special inspection institutes, and pressure vessel production units.
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