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    Laser Tape Measure, 40m/60m

    40m or 60m laser tape measure for sale online. It is equipped with a 5m tape measure, multiple unit switching and measurement modes, usually in architecture, interior design and other applications that require precise measurement.
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    Get a laser distance meter with tape at low price. It has a 5m tape measure, maximum distance of 40m or 60m, multiple unit switching and measurement modes for fast and accurate distance measurement.


    Model ATO-TM-40 ATO-TM-60 ATO-TMA-40A ATO-TM-60A
    Measuring Range 40m 60m 40m 60m
    Accuracy ±2mm
    Unit m/in/ft
    Continuous Measuring Yes
    Area and Volume Measurement No Yes
    Pythagorean Indirect Measurement No Yes
    Wall Area Measurement No Yes
    Addition and Subtraction Measurement Function No Yes
    Voice Prompt Yes
    Laser Class II
    Laser Type 630-670nm, < 1mW
    Automatic Cut Off Laser 20s
    Automatic Shut-Down 150s
    Battery Specification 2x1.5V AAA
    Charging Specifications /
    Fully Charged Working Times 8000 times (Single Measurement)
    Storage Temperature Range -20°C~60°C
    Range Of Working Temperature 0°C~40°C
    Storage Humidity 20%~80%RH
    Dimensions 85X79X58mm
    Steel Ruler Parameters
    Maximum Measuring Distance 5m
    Minimum Scale 1mm
    Tape Width 19mm
    Tape Thickness 0.16mm
    Tape Material 65 Manganese Steel
    Ruler Hook Activities with Double-Sided Magnets
    Self-Locking Function Yes



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    Measurement Reference

    laser measurement tap measurement reference

    Tips: What is a laser distance meter with tape?

    A laser distance meter with tape, also known as a laser tape measure, is a versatile measuring tool that combines the accuracy of laser technology with the convenience of a traditional measuring tape. It is designed to provide fast and precise measurements of distance, typically in construction, interior design, and other applications where accurate measurements are required.

    The device uses a laser beam to determine the distance between two points by emitting a laser pulse and measuring the time it takes for the pulse to reflect back. This technology allows for quick and reliable measurements, often with high precision.

    In addition to the laser distance measurement, these devices are equipped with a built-in tape measure that can be extended to measure short distances or be used as a backup when laser measurements are not suitable. The tape measure is retractable and usually includes markings in both metric and imperial units, providing flexibility for different measurement systems.

    The combination of laser distance measurement and a tape measure in a single device offers users the convenience of quickly measuring long distances with laser accuracy while also allowing for short-distance measurements with the tape. This makes the laser distance meter with tape a practical and efficient tool for a wide range of applications.

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