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    Leakage Current Clamp Meter with Measuring Range AC 200mA/2A/200A

    The digital current clamp meter is a special mini clamp meter for circuit leakage current and AC leakage current test. The leakage current measuring range is AC 0-200mA/0-2A/0-200A and the corresponding resolution is 0.1mA/1mA/100mA. Mini leakage current clamp meter also has special functions such as data hold, automatic power off, overload protection and backlight. The maximum jaw opening size is 1.2" (30mm).
    SKU: ATO-CLAM-DT-9810
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    Leakage current clamp meter has leakage current measuring range AC 0-200mA/0-2A/0-200A, data hold/automatic power off/overload protection/backlight functions, maximum jaw opening size 1.2" (30mm), 4 digit display and maximum value 1999.


    Basics Model ATO-DT-9810
    Weight 225g
    Size (L*W*H) 182*61*34mm
    Display 4 digit LCD display
    Maximum display value 1999
    Power supply DC 3V, 2 AAA batteries
    Maximum jaw opening size 1.2" (30mm)
    Woring environment Temperature: 0℃~30℃ (32℉~86℉), relative humidity:<90%, altitude: <3000m
    Storage environment Temperature: -25℃~60℃ (-14℉~140℉), relative humidity:<90%
    Display rate 2 times/s
    Safety standard EN61010-1, EN61010-2-032, CAT II 600V
    Protection class IP54
    Accessories User manual, 2 AAA batteries
    Functions Item Range Resolution Accuracy
    Leakage current AC 200mA 0.1mA ±(5.0%+8 digits)
    AC 2A 1mA ±(5.0%+8 digits)
    AC 200A 100mA ±(2.5%+10 digits)
    Special functions Data hold Automatically hold the reading and peak value when taking a measurement
    Automatic power off Automatic power off when 15 minutes no operation
    Overload protection Overload protection for 100% range
    Range selection Manual range selection
    Backlight Backlight for LCD display

    Leakage current clamp meter measuring method:
    Leakage current clamp meter 200A measuring method
    Tips: How to measure circuit leakage current with a current clamp meter?
    The supply current and the return current generate a relative magnetic field. The currents should be equal (and opposite) and the opposing magnetic fields should cancel each other out. If there is no cancellation, it means that some current (called leakage current) is returning from the other path, and the only other path is the ground loop.There are many reasons cause for leakage current, one is the load and the nature of the circuit itself, one is the wrong wiring, and the third is the poor insulation.
    Place the live wire and neutral wire in the jaws of the leakage current clamp meter as shown in the figure above. If any current can be measured, that is the leakage current, which is returning to the ground loop.

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