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    Mechanical Counter, 5 Digit/6 Digit

    Reliable 5-digit/6-digit mechanical counter is specially designed for manual counting. Pull-type counter, no need for batteries, clear large screen, accurate counting, high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for general machine tools.
    SKU: ATO-MC-001
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    Portable mechanical counter is a manual counter. This 5-digit/6-digit counter can operate without batteries, ideal for manual counting applications for every industry.


    • Model: ATO-D67-F/ATO-D94-S
    • Number of Digits: 5 Digit or 6 Digit
    • Type: Hand-Pull Counter
    • Weight: 0.075kg (5 Digit), 0.080kg (6¬†Digit)
    • Counting Range: 0-999999

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Mechanical counter dimensions

    Tips: What is a hand-pull counter?

    A hand-pull counter is a mechanical device designed for manual counting purposes. It typically consists of a small handheld unit with a reset button and a pull or push lever. The primary function of the hand-pull counter is to increment the count each time the lever is pulled or pushed, providing a simple and efficient way to keep track of occurrences.

    These counters find applications in various fields where manual counting is required. For instance, in industrial settings, workers may use hand-pull counters to keep track of the number of products manufactured on a production line. In event management, organizers might utilize hand-pull counters to monitor attendance at gatherings or concerts.

    The design of a hand-pull counter is straightforward, often featuring a visible display that shows the current count. Some models may have additional features such as a reset button to zero the count or a protective case to enhance durability.

    The hand-pull counter's manual operation makes it a reliable and easy-to-use tool in situations where electronic or automated counting systems may not be practical or cost-effective. Its portability and simplicity make it a popular choice for tasks that require a hands-on approach to counting.

    Overall, a hand-pull counter serves as a handy and versatile tool for manual counting applications across various industries, offering a straightforward solution for tracking quantities with precision and ease.

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