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    Explosion-Proof Multi Gas Detector, 4-Gas, CO, H2S, O2, LEL

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    Portable gas detector can detect 4 gases at the same time, CO (0-1000PPM), H2S (0-100PPM), O2 (0-30%VOL), EX (0-100%LEL) are included, IECEX, ATEX explosion-proof certificates, protection level reaches IP67, compact ergonomic design makes it easy carrying.
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    High performance portable gas detector has humanized operation functions such as one-key security detection, one-key storage, automatic image flipping, as well as the man down alarm function. The compact design makes it easy carrying.


    • The portable gas detector can effectively resist a three-meter drop, has passed the EMC anti-static interference test and can work normally in the walkie-talkie environment.
    • It has got IECEX, ATEX explosion-proof certificates and the explosion-proof level reaches Exia IICT4 Ga. The man down alarm function has upgraded the safety of underground operators.
    • Password protection function prevents non-operators from modifying menu parameters. With safety reminder function, sound and light vibration alarm function, let operators work without worries. The high and low alarm latched function allows the operator to better capture the sudden change of the gas concentration value.
    • Real-time value, TWA, STEL, MAX, MIN multiple numerical display, and the screen can be automatically turned 180 degrees, which is convenient for viewing in special operating environments.
    • Built-in powerful sampling pump, fast detection speed. It can be connected 20m sampling tube externally, which is convenient for long-distance or confined space detection.
    • Pump suction and diffusion dual use, to provide operators with more reliable protection. With a water trap filter, it can effectively filter water, oil, dust and other impurities. It can also be used in harsh industrial environments such as coal mines and petroleum fields.
    • Beautiful and friendly user interface, reasonable and easy-to-use interactive mode. Standard storage function, one-click data export, convenient for users to analyze.
    • Unique modifiable ID identification function, convenient for users to allocate and manage the instrument. A full range of automatic detection functions, automatic prompts for voltage, pump failure alarms, etc., more comfortable to use.
    • One-key open storage, automatic image flip. It supports each channel sensor to restore the factory setting separately and multi-language including English, Chinese and etc.


    Model GD400-4GAS
    Sampling method Pump suction & diffusion dual-use type
    Gas type CO, H2S, O2, LEL
    Principle Catalytic combustion, Electrochemistry
    Measuring range O2: 0-30%VOL, EX: 0-100%LEL, CO: 0-1000PPM, H2S: 0-100PPM (More measuring range can be customized)
    Resolution O2: 0.01%VOL, EX: 1%LEL, CO: 1PPM, H2S: 0.01PPM
    Response time ≤30 seconds
    Precision ≤±2%F.S except for special gases
    Language Chinese/English (More language can be customized)
    Automatically test and calibrate after power-on Including reset, maximum value (MAX), minimum value (MIN), STEL, TWA value
    Unit PPM and mg/m3 can be switched and displayed by one key, and the concentration value is automatically converted by the system
    Display Monochrome graphics (160 x 96), screen can be automatically flipped
    Backlight The backlight time can be manually set, and will be turned on automatically
    when an alarm is issued
    Data record Can store 100,000 sets data, the storage interval is adjustable from 5 to 3600 seconds, data can be exported, with data cable
    Alarm 95dB buzzer (@30cm), vibration alarm and flashing red LED and alarm
    status indication on the screen, alarm latched; diagnostic alarm and battery undervoltage alarm, pump block alarm; man down alarm, with early warning and optional real-time remote Bluetooth notification function
    Battery 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, battery capacity 2200mA
    Working hours More than 15 hours in continuous pumping mode
    Charger Travel charger with DC interface, charging time ≥ 4 hours
    Explosion-proof grade ll 2G Ex ia ll CT4 Ga
    (EU regulations)
    Protection grade IP67
    Working temperature -20℃~+50℃
    Humidity 0~90%RH (no condensation)
    Environmental pressure 86~106Kpa
    Size 157*84.5*59.5mm (including back clip/water trap filter) (length * width * height)
    Weight 365g (including battery, belt clip and filter)
    Package Included 1 piece Gas detector, 1 piece 12V/1A DC power adapter, 1 piece USB cable, 1 piece User manual, 1 piece Warranty card, 1 piece Filter, 1 piece Aluminum suitcase


    Explosion Proof Multi Gas Detector Details


    Applications of Portable Multi Gas Detector

    Tips for using explosion-proof multi gas detector

    • Pay attention to the measuring range of the portable gas detector used:
      Any gas detector has a fixed detection range, and the measurement can only be completed within this range, otherwise the measured result is much lower than the value of your environment. In addition, measuring over the range for a long time will cause damage to the sensor, so that the correct result cannot be obtained in the measurement range later.
    • Pay attention to the service life of the sensor in the gas detector used:
      Gas detectors have a limited service life, and portable gas detectors are no exception. Even if they are not used frequently, they will still experience aging. In general, among the portable gas detectors, the photoionization detector has the longest lifespan of about four years; the lifespan of the LEL sensor is the second, which can be used for more than three years; the lifespan of the electrochemical specific gas sensor is relatively short, Generally within one to two years; the oxygen sensor can only be used for about one year.
      Therefore, be sure to read the instruction carefully before use, and use it within the validity period of the sensor. If it is found to be expired, it needs to be replaced immediately.

    The detector needs to be calibrated and tested frequently.
    Portable gas detectors generally adopt a relative comparison method for measurement, and the measurement method is as follows:

    1. First calibrate the instrument with a standard concentration of gas and a zero gas, and obtain the standard curve and store it in the instrument;
    2. Compare the electrical signal of the standard concentration with the electrical signal generated by the concentration of the gas to be measured, and obtain an accurate gas concentration value after calculation.
    Existing reviews of Explosion-Proof Multi Gas Detector, 4-Gas, CO, H2S, O2, LEL
    Can you give more details of H2S detector?
    I have a few questions.
    Can the first item control another item such as a pump, etc.
    Can you give me some more details of item 11 on your list 10m tube ?
    From: adler | Date: 09/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. ATO-GAS-EP-H2S, we can provide external relay. The specification of external relay is:
    Input is 4-32V DC
    Output is 24-380V AC, 25A.
    It can control other equipment, and the price is 32USD.
    For example: If your setting is alarm light, when the gas concentration reaches the alarm value, the instrument will alarm, and your alarm light will also alarm.
    2. The size of 10m PU pipe is 4*2mm.
    Portable explosion-proof gas detector
    It has been three months since I bought this gas detector. It's easy to carry and I can use it anytime. This detector brings great convenience to my detection work. I will buy this explosion-proof gas detector again.
    From: Dozzie | Date: 04/11/2022
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    Will the detector produce an accurate reading in 10 minutes?
    Is the detector not recommended for operation in N2 for more than 10 minutes, will this result in inaccurate readings or will it cause degradation of the sensor? Will it produce an accurate reading in 10 minutes?
    From: kelli | Date: 09/09/2022
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    ATO Responded
    The sensor is based on electrochemical principles. It can provides a quick reading within 10 minutes of setup and a more accurate reading after 1 hour.
    I have a question about your gas detector
    I have a question about your gas detector, could you please tell me if the detector includes a calibration certificate with reference to ISO / IEC 17025?
    From: Prava | Date: 10/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    We can provide a certificate of calibration reference type ISO/IEC 17025, but it requires additional cost.
    Questions and answers about explosion proof multi gas detectors
    I am Watanabe from Japan and I'm a postgraduate student. I'm writing to you for the first time.
    I'm contacting you to enquire about <explosion-proof multi gas detector>.
    I'm interested in your product and I want to use it to measure O2 in the air. So I have questions about your product.
    1) Is this machine high precision? It's said that there is about 21% O2 in the air, so I wonder whether this machine can measure by after the decimal point.
    2)Were there any people who bought it to measure the O2 in the air? If you know about that or thesis, please tell me about that.
    From: Klyber | Date: 21/10/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, our gas detector can accurately measure the O2 content in the air.
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