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    Multifunctional Wire Stripper, 2/12/14/16 AWG

    Low cost multifunctional wire stripper is available with 10/12/14/16/18/20 gauge. This wire stripping tool can help make the wire stripping process faster, safer, and more accurate, also can be used to crimp wires.
    SKU: ATO-MWS-01
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    The provided multifunctional wire stripper doubles as a wire stripping and crimping tool, available with 2/10/12/14/16/18/20 AWG range for a variety of tasks related to wire preparation.


    • Model: ATO-DEEALL
    • Size: 7 inch
    • Overall Length: 182mm
    • Width Outside Handle: 55mm
    • Handle Length: 105mm
    • Jaw Length: 45mm
    • Maximum Opening: 40mm
    • Weight: 110g

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Wire stripper dimension


    Stripping Crimping
    AWG mm mm² AWG
    10 2.6 5.26 2.0
    12 2 3.332 /
    14 1.6 2.075 /
    16 1.3 1.318  /
    18 1 0.81  /
    20 0.8 0.566  /


    Wire strippers are a versatile and essential tool used in a variety of applications, such as electrical work, electronics, and telecommunications. They are primarily used for removing the insulation from electrical wires to prepare them for connections, such as joining wires together, attaching them to terminals or devices, or repairing damaged wires. 

    Suitable Wire Types

    Suitable wire types for wire stripper

    Tips: What can a wire stripper do?

    • Remove the insulation from wires of different sizes and types: Wire strippers are designed to work with wires of various sizes and types of insulation. They can remove insulation from single or multiple wires at once.
    • Prevent wire damage: When stripping insulation from wires, it's important to avoid damaging the conductor. Wire strippers are designed to safely remove the insulation without cutting or damaging the wire itself.
    • Prepare wires for connections: Removing the insulation from wires is necessary for creating electrical circuits and wiring systems. Wire strippers can be used to prepare wires for connections such as attaching them to terminals or devices.
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