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    Non-contact Infrared Laser Thermometer for Cooking

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    Infrared thermometer with high precision color screen for sale. 0.5S rapid temperature measurement, ±1.5°measurement accuracy and °C /°F switching function. Laser thermometer equipped with high precision sensor, measure in (-50℃, -400℃). Object distance ratio 12:1, energy saving, data retention and low battery reminder. The emissivity is preset to 0.95 by default (can be adjusted by yourself). Usually apply in temperature measurement such as oil temperature, air conditioner, oven and so on.
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    Non-contact thermometer come with high precision sensor, °C /°F switching performance. Contactless, safe measurement. Usually apply in oil temperature, air conditioner, oven.


    Model IR03A IR03B
    Temperature measurement range -50°C~400°C -50°C~600°C
    Object distance ratio (D:S) 12:01
    Emissivity 0.10~1.00 adjustable (default preset 0.95)
    Response spectrum 8~14um
    Laser positioning Laser point aiming and positioning
    Laser class < 1mW/620-690nm Class 2
    Reaction time <0.5S
    Temperature difference alarm Freely set the upper limit and lower limit alarm prompt value within the temperature range
    Automatic shut-down 30 seconds
    Data retention Yes
    Operating temperature 0~40°C
    Storage temperature -10°C~60°C
    Battery 1.5V* 2AAA battery (two AAA batteries)  


    1. Cannot measure through transparent surfaces, such as glass/plastic stools.
    2. Do not aim the laser at the eyes or indirectly aim at the eyes through the reflective surface.
    3. If the ambient temperature changes greatly/suddenly, wait for 30 minutes before using it.


    1. High precision color screen infrared thermometer, 0.5 seconds rapid temperature measurement. It can measure oil temperature, air conditioner and oven
    2. Infrared thermometer determines the surface temperature of an object by measuring the energy reflected from the surface of an object.
    3. Laser thermometer with imported high-quality sensors, precise measurement of sudden temperature difference, more sensitive response.
    4. Non-contact thermometer uses laser point aiming and positioning to quickly lock the measurement range, which makes measured values are more accurate.
    5. Accurate positioning measurements, measuring distances and measuring target diameters. The ratio (object distance ratio is D: S).
    6. Anti-interference/fast acceptance/higher stability.
    7. Touchless thermometer with °C /°F switching function. Two temperature measurement modes (Celsius °C /Fahrenheit °F), one-key switching measurement according to real-time needs
    8. High and low temperature alarm: when the measured temperature exceeds the set alarm value, the indicator light on the top of the instrument will light up a red warning light.
    9. According to different material surfaces, the emissivity of the machine can be adjusted to achieve higher accuracy measurement.
    10. The default measurement value is the maximum value when starting up, and the higher temperature point can be locked for continuous measurement.
    11. If there is no operation for 30 seconds, the non-contact infrared thermometer will automatically enter the dormant state to save energy.


    Infrared thermometer adjustable emissivity

    Infrared thermometer performance option

    Size of infrared thermometer for cooking

    Tips: What is infrared thermometer advantages?

    1. Non-contact measurement: It does not need to touch the inside or surface of the measured temperature field, so it will not interfere with the state of the measured temperature field, and the thermometer itself will not be damaged by the temperature field.
    2. Wide measurement range: Because it is a non-contact temperature measurement, the thermometer is not in a higher or lower temperature field, but works at a normal temperature or under the conditions allowed by the thermometer. Under normal circumstances, it can measure minus tens of degrees to more than three thousand degrees.
    3. Fast temperature measurement speed: that is, fast response time. As long as the infrared radiation of the target is received, the temperature can be fixed in a short time.
    4. High accuracy: Infrared temperature measurement will not destroy the temperature distribution of the object itself like contact temperature measurement, so the measurement accuracy is high.
    5. High sensitivity: As long as there is a small change in the temperature of the object, the radiation energy will change greatly, which is easy to detect. It can perform temperature measurement and temperature distribution measurement of tiny temperature field, as well as temperature measurement of moving or rotating objects. It is safe to use and has a long service life.
    Existing reviews of Non-contact Infrared Laser Thermometer for Cooking
    Infrared thermometer easy to use
    I bought this thermometer gun for my pumpkin pie oven. Infrared thermometer gun does a good job of measuring the high temps needed for my oven. You can read temps just point and pull the trigger, very easy to use. It really does the job as expected.
    From: kalan | Date: 17/03/2023
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