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    Permanent Lifting Magnets, 100kg/600kg/1000kg/2 ton/5 ton

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    Industrial permanent lifting magnets have rated lifting capacity of 100kg, 200kg, 600kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and 5000kg. The magentic lifter features compact design, strong magnetic force, no electricity required, manual turn on and off with ease, suitable for flat steel and round steel, saving labor and improving lifting efficiency.
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    Permanent lifting magnets are available with capacities 100kg, 200kg, 600kg, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and 5 ton. The magnetic lifters are used for lifting the steel plates and round steels, and they are widely applied in ship engineering, warehouse, transportation and machinery manufacturing.


    • Designed with antiskid handle and galvanized ring with alloy steel material, rugged and durable, reliable and safe.
    • Adopting high quality permanet magnet to ensure the strong suction and use safety.
    • With a V-style design at the bottom of lifter, it can lift both steel plate and round steel.
    • Constant and reliable magnetic force, more secure use.
    • Lifting magnets can work without need of electricity or other outside power.
    • Small size, compact structure, powerful magnetic force and easy to operate.


    Model ATO-YS-100 ATO-YS-200 ATO-YS-400 ATO-YS-600 ATO-YS-1000 ATO-YS-2000 ATO-YS-3000 ATO-YS-5000
    Capacity 100kg 200kg 400kg 600kg 1000kg (1 ton) 2000kg (2 ton) 3000kg (3 ton) 5000kg (5 ton)
    Max. Breakaway Force 300kg 600kg 1200kg 1800kg 3000kg 5000kg 7500kg 12500kg
    Dimension (mm)
    L 130 199 210 265 320 415 500 620
    L1 85 153 155 210 257 345 432 520
    W 62 69 95 120 153 172 175 230
    H 67 73 92 115 135 165 165 215
    R 155 155 195 228 255 355 355 580
    Weight (kg) 3 5 10 20 37 69 87 198
    Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃

    Dimension Drawing

    Permanent magnetic lifter dimension drawing

    Tips: What are Permanent Lifting Magnets?

    Permanent lifting magnets or permanent magnetic lifters, are magnetic fixtures that are widely used in the machine factory, mold factory, and other machining fields, greatly improving the magnetic steel material clamping efficiency. The permanent lifting magnets are made of high performance rare earth material Nd-Fe-B (N>40) as the core. By turning on/off the handle of the lifter manually, the magnetic system of Nd-Fe-B inside the lifter can be changed to hold or release the processed workpiece.

    The permanent lifting magnets are designed by the continuity principle of magnetic flux and the superposition principle of magnetic field. The magnetic circuit of the permanent lifting magnets are designed into multiple magnetic systems. Through the relative motion of the magnetic systems, the magnetic field intensity on the working magnetic pole surface is added or eliminated, so as to achieve the purpose of holding and releasing.

    Existing reviews of Permanent Lifting Magnets, 100kg/600kg/1000kg/2 ton/5 ton
    Strong suction, easy to control and operate
    This permanent lifting magnet is used for hoisting in the production workshop. It is easy to control and operate, and it is very safe to use. The material is very good. Super strong magnetic suction, beautiful appearance. The seller provides customer service, trustworthy!
    From: Bruce | Date: 07/05/2022
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