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    Plunger Dosing Pump, 80 L/h Flow

    Motorized plunger dosing pump with 80 L/h flow, is used in various industrial applications to accurately meter liquids or chemicals into a system. Plunger metering pumps are employed in water treatment and chemical processing. It can handle a wide range of corrosive chemicals and viscous liquids, with optional 380V, 220V, 110V, 420V voltage, PVC or stainless steel pump head, and 550W/750W motor power.
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    Plunger dosing metering pumps offer precise fluid flow control, making them valuable in scenarios demanding accuracy, such as dosing chemical reagents, formulating pharmaceuticals, treating drinking water, and various industrial processes. They can also handle a wide range of chemicals and are capable of withstanding the most corrosive substances.


    Model ATO-DZ-Z80/3.6(2.8)
    Flow 80L/h
    Motor Voltage (Optional) 380V 50Hz (Default), 220V, 110V, 420V
    Motor Power (Optional) 550W 750W
    Pressure 2.8Mpa 3.6Mpa
    Plunger Diameter 28mm
    Stroke 25mm
    Pump Speed 96rpm
    Pump Head Material (Optional) 304 Stainless Steel (Default), 316 Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel
    Metering Precision ±1%
    Medium Viscosity 0~800mm2/s
    Transport Medium Temperature Below 450℃
    Inlet & Outlet Diameter 10mm (with tube)
    Weight 45kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Plunger metering dosing pump dimension

    Plunger Dosing Pump Working Principle

    Through the reciprocating motion of the plunger, the working medium is directly sucked in or discharged. Since both the plunger and seal are in direct contact with the medium, choosing a jointly made plunger material and seal form can ensure that the pump has more ideal performance during operation.

    Plunger dosing pump working principle

    Tips: What are metering pumps very sensitive to?

    Metering pumps are very sensitive to various factors due to their precise and controlled dispensing of fluids in a wide range of applications. Some key sensitivities include:

    • Flow Rate Accuracy: Dosing pumps are highly sensitive to maintaining consistent flow rates, making them critical in applications where precise dosing is essential, such as chemical manufacturing and water treatment.
    • Pressure Variations: Fluctuations in system pressure can impact the accuracy of metering pumps, requiring specialized designs to maintain steady output.
    • Viscosity Changes: Changes in fluid viscosity can affect the pump's ability to dispense accurately, necessitating adjustments or specialized pumps for handling different viscosities.
    • Chemical Compatibility: The materials used in metering pumps must be compatible with the fluid being pumped to avoid corrosion or damage, making chemical compatibility crucial.
    • Temperature: Extreme temperatures can affect pump performance and may require additional temperature control measures.
    • Maintenance and Calibration: Regular maintenance and calibration are critical to ensure the continued accuracy and reliability of metering pumps.

    Dosing pumps are highly sensitive to flow rate, pressure, viscosity, chemical compatibility, temperature, and maintenance, making them indispensable for applications requiring precise fluid dosing.

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