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    Portable Conductivity Meter, 100mS/cm, 220VAC

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    Portable conductivity meter with measuring range 0~100mS/cm, power supply 220VAC, accuracy ±1.0%FS can be used for conductivity monitoring of various liquids in laboratory. It has a platinum black conductivity electrode, a temperature sensor and optional conductivity electrode K=0.01/0.1/1.0/10. Portable conductivity meter also has automatic/manual temperature compensation and a mutli-function electrode bracket for holding two electrodes at the same time.
    SKU: ATO-CDTYM-100
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    Portable conductivity meter with matched platinum black conductivity electrode & temperature sensor has measuring range 0μS/cm~100mS/cm, power supply AC 220V.


    Model ATO-CDTYM-DDS-307A
    Shipping weight 3kg
    Dimension 300*220*90mm (L*W*H)
    Measuring range * Conductivity:
    Conductivity electrode (K=0.01): 0.0~2.0μS/cm
    Conductivity electrode (K=0.1): 0.2~20.0μS/cm
    Conductivity electrode (K=1.0): 2~10, 000μS/cm
    Conductivity electrode (K=10.0): 10, 000~100, 000μS/cm (10~100mS/cm)
    TDS: 0.000~1999 mg/L
    Temperatue: 0.0~99.9℃
    Intrinsic error Conductivity: ±1.0%FS
    TDS: ±1.0%FS
    Temperatue: ±0.3℃
    Accuracy ±1.0%FS
    Stability ±0.33%FS/3h
    Temperature compensation 0~40℃ (32~104℉) manual/automatic
    Temperature sensor T-818-B-6
    Display LCD display can show measured conductivity value and temperature
    Operation keys Conductivity, Conductivity constant, Constant regulation, Temperature, ENTER
    Functions Automatic/manual temperature compensation, mutli-function electrode bracket
    Power supply AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
    Package included 1 * Portable conductivity meter (Model: ATO-CDTYM-DDS-307A)
    1 * Platinum black conductivity electrode (Model: ATO-CDTYM-DJS-1C)
    1 * Temperature sensor (Model: ATO-CDTYM-T-818-B-6)
    1 * Mutli-function electrode bracket (Model: ATO-CDTYM-REX-I)
    1 * Power cable
    1 * User manual

    Tips: How to determine the conductivity electrode constant?
    According to the formula K = S / G, the electrode constant K can be obtained by measuring the conductivity G of the conductivity electrode in a certain concentration of KCL solution. At this time, the conductivity S of the KCL solution is known. Because the concentration and temperature of the measuring solution are different, and the accuracy and frequency of the conductivity meter are also different, a large error sometimes occurs in the conductivity electrode constant K. And the electrode constant may also change after a period of use. Therefore, the electrode constants of newly purchased conductivity electrodes and conductivity electrodes after a period of use should be re-calibrated.
    Pay attention to the following points when measuring the conductivity constant of the conductivity electrode:

    1. The supporting conductivity meter should be used for measurement, and don't use other type of conductivity meter.
    2. The temperature of the KCL solution should be preferably close to the temperature of the actual measured solution.
    3. The concentration of the KCL solution should be preferably near the concentration of the actual measured solution.
    Existing reviews of Portable Conductivity Meter, 100mS/cm, 220VAC
    Patient customer service staff
    This 220VAC portable conductivity meter is very good, exquisite in appearance, accurate in measurement, and a very good after-sales service. I don't know how to set it up. The customer service is very patient, explaining the operation steps to me step by step and answering my questions.
    From: Bolcic | Date: 21/11/2021
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