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    Portable Electric Pipe Threader, 1/2 inch - 2 inch

    Portable electric pipe threader for sale. This pipe threading machine has high power rating up to 1400 Watt or 2000 Watt, making it easy and quick to thread pipe within capacity 1/2" to 1-1/4" or 1/2" to 2" at the working voltage of 230V 50Hz. Equipped with durable die heads, the pipe threader is light weight, simple operation, saving time and labor, suitable for stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe, etc.
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    Handheld electric pipe threading machine is driven by 1400W 24RPM motor with 1/2 inch ~ 1-1/4 inch threading pipe capacity or 2000W 28RPM motor with 1/2 inch ~ 2 inch capacity. Featuring light weight for protability, high durability, easy operation and long serive life, it is mainly used for threading the stainless steel pipe, galvanized pipe, copper pipe, PP pipe, etc.


    Model ATO-GMTE-02 ATO-GMTE-03
    Voltage 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz
    Power 1400W 2000W
    Speed 24 r/min 28 r/min
    Capacity 1/2" ~ 1-1/4" 1/2" ~ 2"
    Package Size 550*285*280mm 640*170*350mm
    Net/Gross weight 22kg/23kg 18kg/19kg
    Packing List Pipe threader * 1
    Die heads * 4
    Oil gun * 1
    Gloves * 1
    Hex wrench * 1
    Carbon brush * 1
    Holder * 1
    Instruction * 1
    Pipe threader * 1
    Die heads  * 6
    Oil gun * 1
    Gloves * 1
    Hex wrench * 1
    Carbon brush * 1
    Cleaning brush * 1
    Instruction * 1

    Pipe Threader Die Size

    Size Pipe Inner Diameter Pipe Outer Diameter BSPT
    DN15 15mm 22mm 1/2”
    DN20 20mm 27mm 3/4”
    DN25 25mm 34mm 1”
    DN32 32mm 42mm 1-1/4”
    DN40 40mm 48mm 1-1/2”
    DN50 50mm 60mm 2”


    The hand-held electric threader is a lightweight portable electric threading machine, easy to carry. Compared with the desktop pipe threader on the market, the handheld threader can achieve better automation and reduce human labor. Because the portable pipe threader is equipped with an automatic tooth feeding mechanism, it can use a variety of standard dies to thread pipe. The handheld threading machine can thread the pipe without disassembling the laid pipes and in narrow spaces, and are widely used in pipeline installation and maintenance projects in various industries. The portable electric pipe threader has following features.

    • Compared with the desktop electric pipe threader, the handheld electric pipe threader is light in weight and convenient to carry.
    • Use high-quality die head, long life, and can quickly replace the die head, labor-saving and fast operation.
    • It is not limited by the site, and can be flexibly operated on the construction site or in unconventional occasions.
    • It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, colleges, home maintenance, small and medium-sized engineering teams, and can be used for operations such as heating, running water, heating, and gas. This product supports the use of standard pipes.
    • Universal die heads can be easily bought from the hardware market.
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