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    Quadrature Incremental Optical Linear Encoder, AB Phase

    Quadrant incremental optical linear encoder for sale at factory price, provides AB phase or sine cosine signal output options, with a working voltage of 5V and a resolution of 1 μm. Users can choose DB9 or DB15 connectors. This non-contact optical linear encoder is suitable for industrial applications that require precise position detection and measurement.
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    High resolution quadrature incremental optical linear encoder with 1μm precision is widely utilized in industrial automation, precision engineering, and automotive manufacturing for precise position detection and control.


    • The quadrature incremental optical linear encoder incorporates a high-precision measurement system.
    • The incremental position encoder is characterized by its compact size and high resolution.
    • It includes a built-in reference zero position.
    • The housing is made from aluminum alloy, providing strong anti-interference capability.
    • The encoder features highly flexible, bend-resistant braided shielded wire.
    • It offers standard AB Quadrature digital signal or sine and cosine signal output options.
    • The design utilizes an open non-contact optical system.


    Model ATO-RST80
    Power supply 5V+/-5%
    Current consumption Less than 100mA
    Pitch 80μm
    Resolution 1μm
    System accuracy +/-5μm
    Repetition accuracy +/-1μm
    Output signal Differential TTL, 1Vpp
    Wiring method DB9 or DB15
    LED status Green
    Working temperature 0℃~70℃
    Storage temperature -20℃~70℃

     (We can provide grating scale, please contact us)

    Dimension (mm)

    Quadrature incremental optical linear encoder dimensions

    Tips: The working principle of quadrature incremental optical linear encoder

    A quadrature incremental optical linear encoder operates on the principle of using optical sensors in conjunction with a specially patterned encoder disk. As the object moves linearly, the encoder disk, which contains distinct optical features such as stripes or patterns, moves along with it. Optical sensors detect these features and convert them into electrical signals. These signals are divided into two channels, typically labeled as A and B phases, with a phase difference of 90 degrees between them. By analyzing the timing and phase relationship of these signals, the encoder determines both the direction and precise position of the moving object. This method allows for high-resolution position feedback, making it suitable for applications requiring precise motion control and measurement in fields such as robotics, CNC machining, and industrial automation.

    The quadrature incremental optical linear encoder offers advantages such as high accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and robustness in various industrial applications. Its optical sensing mechanism ensures reliable operation even in harsh environments where dust, moisture, or vibrations might be present. The encoder's ability to provide real-time feedback on position changes in both directions of movement enables it to be integrated into closed-loop control systems, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of machinery and automated processes.

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