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    Tilt Sensor, Relay Output, Single axis/ Dual axis, ±15°

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    Economical price tilt switch with relay NO/NC output, which features measuring range ±15°, power supply 12V/ 24V, working current 40mA, max. alarm output current 1000mA. wide range alarm angle valve 0-55° can be chosen. Single axis/ dual axis incline sensor is suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environments operating.
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    Factory price inclinometer sensor for sale, comes with relay NO/NC output, measuring range ±15° absolute accuracy 0.1°, power on time 0.1s, and quick response time 0.2s. High precision tilt sensor is widely used for application like underground drilling rig attitude navigation, geological equipment tilt detection, railway locomotive monitoring, oil drilling equipment.


    Model ATO-LCA141
    Alarm Angle Value 0-55°
    Power supply 12V/ 24V
    Max. alarm output current 1000mA
    Working current 40mA
    Measuring range ±15°
    Measuring axis X, Y
    Resolution 0.01°
    Absolute accuracy 0.05°
    Long-term stability 0.05
    Zero temp. coeffiecient -40~85℃±0.006℃
    Temp. sensitivity coefficient -40~85℃ ≤ 100 ppm/℃
    Power on time 0.1s
    Response time 0.2s
    MTBF ≥50000h per time
    IR ≥100M
    Impact resistance 100g@11ms, 3 times/ axis (half sinusoid)
    Anti-shock 10grms, 10-1000Hz
    Waterproof IP67
    Cable 1m, shield cable: 4*0.04mm²
    Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (Unit=mm)

    Dimension of relay output tilt sensor

    Tilt Sensor Installation Direction Diagram

    The installation must guarantee the inclinometer sensor bottom is parallel to measured face,and reduce the influence of dynamic and acceleration to the tilt sensor. This inclinometer sensor can be installed horizontally or mounted vertically, for installation please refer to the following scheme.

    Installation of relay output tilt sensor

    Tips: Working Principle of Tilt Sensor

    The measurement range is ±15°. When the inclination value is greater than the preset inclination threshold, a switch signal (output voltage=supply voltage) will be output to drive the solenoid valve. Normally, it does not alarm for forward and reverse. The alarm number is output when the alarm threshold is exceeded; the alarm signal is output in the reverse direction, and the alarm is stopped when the alarm threshold is exceeded; the alarm angle can be set by the inclination switch, when the safe inclination value is exceeded, the switch signal will be output to shut down the system, and it can also be driven The alarm is easy to install, has strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference, and can withstand large shocks and vibrations.

    Existing reviews of Tilt Sensor, Relay Output, Single axis/ Dual axis, ±15°
    Really cool tilt sensor
    I added this tilt sensor to my system as an additional layer of protection for my aftermarket wheels. My installer had no problem installing and it works great. Really cool thing.
    From: Defrank | Date: 11/12/2022
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    Pleasant shopping experience
    I bought this relay output tilt sensor to replace my old one, the sensor worked well and the apperance is well-maded! I love the tilt senor cuz it makes my job easier!
    From: Yeager | Date: 26/05/2022
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