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    Resistance Decade Box, 1 to 11111110 Ohm

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    Resistance decade box price concessions, range 1 to 11111110 ohm, accuracy 1%, with seven decades of resistance, poket size, wide range and high resolution, ideal for testing professional multimeter, LCR meter, calibrator, presented test line, manufacturer direct sales.
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    Decade resistance box for sale, 1 ohm per step, the decade box has seven different decade range resistors, with 1% resistance to replace Ω from 1 to 11111110, easy to use, strong shell and long service life.

    Note: Operation Procedure
    1. Start with all switches up ( OUT ) for minimum capacitance.
    2. Switch down ( IN ) to add Capacitance value.

    Model ATO-RDB
    Range 1 to 11,111, 110 ohm ( 1 ohm per step )
    Accuracy 1% Resistors used throughout
    Wattage 1W
    Voltage Limit 50 V DC, non-polarized capacitors
    Internal Residual Capacitance About 50 Pf
    Operating Temperature 0 to 50 ℃ (32 to 122 ℉)
    Operating Humidity Less than 80% RH
    Dimension 147*117*55mm, (5.79*4.61*2.16 inch)
    Weight 304 g, (0.69 lb)
    Certification ISO-9001, IEC1010

    Tips:  Advantages of resistance boxes

    The resistance box can indicate the resistance value of the connected circuit, and can gradually change the resistance of the connected circuit. When a current passes through a resistive element, heat is generated, and the thermal reaction causes mechanical changes in each material of the device to expand or contract. Ambient temperature conditions will produce the same results. Therefore, the ideal resistance element should be able to self-balance based on these natural phenomena, maintain physical consistency during resistance processing, and avoid the need for thermal or stress compensation during use, thereby improving system stability.

    Existing reviews of Resistance Decade Box, 1 to 11111110 Ohm
    Excellent Resistance Decade Box
    The excellent decade resistance box is very light in hand, but the material is sturdy and beautiful, the price is very cheap, and the resistance is 1%. I like it very much. I bought a resistance box for testing automotive circuits. It worked great!
    From: Josue | Date: 26/12/2019
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