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    Slim Interface Electromagnetic Relay, SPDT, 24V DC

    Slim interface relay, an electromagnetic switch with 24V DC coil voltage, 6A load current, SPDT (1NO and 1NC) contact form, 35mm DIN rail mount type, compact and easy to install, can be used in PLC automatic system and electronic equipment.
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    PLC slim interface relay is an electromagnetic switch which can be installed on 35mm DIN rail.


    Basics Model ATO-P41F-1Z-D24 (Relay with Socket)
    Dimension (L*H) 78×54mm
    Weight 30g
    Ambient Temperature -25℃~+55℃
    Number of Pins 5
    Mount Type DIN rail
    Technical Parameters Contact Form SPDT (NO + NC)
    Contact Material Silver alloy
    Contact Capacity (Resistive load) 6A/28V DC, 6A/250V AC
    Coil Power DC 2.5W, AC 5VA
    Coil Voltage 24V DC
    Insulation Resistance (MΩ) 1000MΩ at 500V DC

    35mm DIN Mount Type

    Slim Interface Electromagnetic Relay 35mm DIN Mount Type

    Tips: What are the contacts of relay?

    Relay is a switch used for circuit control according to the electrical input signal. And the current in the control circuit relies on the "normal open" and "normal close" of the relay contacts. The contact of relay in a disconnected state when the coil is uncharged, the contact is called normally open contact. And the contact of relay in a closed state when the coil is uncharged, the contact is known as normally close contact. In the same relay, there may be a group or a number of groups of normally open or normally closed contacts.

    The contact resistance has the greatest influence on the reliable operation of the contact. Because the existence of contact resistance, when the current passes through the closed contact, the relay contact resistance will consume a certain amount of power, this will increase the contact temperature, making contact material soften and deform. The factors that affect the contact resistance of relay contact include the size of contact pressure, the choice and use of contact materials, the form of contact structure and the use environment of contact, etc. For users, it’s not only to choose the right model, but also to ensure that the use environment of the relay to meet the requirements. It is better to make the relay avoid the erosion of water vapor, dust and harmful gas. Measures should be taken to reduce the contamination of contacts, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the contacts.

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