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    Solenoid Valve, 2 Way, Normally Open, 12V/24V/220V for air water oil

    2 way electric solenoid valve for air, water and oil, Normally Open (N/O), stainless steel body and NBR seal, input voltage 12V DC, 24V DC or 220V AC, various size of pipe connectors including G1/2, 3/4, 1, 1¼, 1½ and 2 inches, fast response time, long life, high reliability and low price.
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    2/2 way Normally Open (N/O) stainless steel electric solenoid valves, pilot-operating type, are used to control the flow of air, water and oil with high reliability and long service life for the applications such as mechanical, textile, medical, food processing and so on.

    2/2 way Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve Specification

    Model 2WBK160-15 2WBK200-20 2WBK250-25 2WBK350-35 2WBK400-40 2WBK500-50
    Valve Type 2 Way 2 Position, Normally Open (N/O)
    Media Air, Water, Oil
    Operation Mode Pilot-operated
    Port Diammeter(mm2) 16 20 25 35 40 50
    Flow Rate(Cv) 4.8 7.6 12 24 29 48
    Port Size G1/2" G3/4" G1" G1¼" G1½" G2"
    Fluid Viscosity Under 20 CS
    Operating Pressure Water, Oil: 0~0.5MPa (0~72psi) Air: 0~0.7MPa (0~101psi)
    Max. Pressure Resistance 1.0MPa
    Voltage(Optional) 12V DC, 24V DC, 220V AC
    Voltage Tolerance ±10%
    Operating Temperature -5~+85℃ (23~185℉)
    Body Material Stainless Steel 304
    Seal Material NBR
    Coil Power 20VA

    Stainless Steel Water Solenoid Valve Dimensions
    Two way no stainless steel solenoid-valve dimensions

    Model Port size A B C
    2WBK160-15 G1/2" 69 56 125
    2WBK200-20 G3/4" 71 56 131
    2WBK250-25 G1" 98 76 140
    2WBK350-35 G1¼" 116 87 146
    2WBK400-40 G1½" 122 94 158
    2WBK500-50 G2" 129 95 170

    Two-way Solenoid Valve Symbol
    2W nc electric solenoid valve symbol
    Tips: If the solenoid valve doesn’t work after energized, how to do?
    There are some possible reasons for this problem:

    • Whether the power supply of solenoid valve is connected well.
    • Whether the power voltage is within the working range of the solenoid valve.
    • Whether the coil desoldering.
    • The coil is short circuit.
    • Whether the working pressure differential is proper.
    • The fluid temperature is too high.
    • Extraneous matters make the valve blocked.
    • The liquid is too sticky, the use of solenoid valve is too frequent and the service life is up.

    Aiming at the above causes, there are some suggestions listed one by one for your reference.

    1. Reconnect the wires and the connector assembly.
    2. Regulate the voltage to the right scope.
    3. Re-welding the coil.
    4. Change a new coil.
    5. Adjust the pressure differential or replace a new solenoid valve if necessary.
    6. Update an appropriate solenoid valve.
    7. Clean out the valve; if the seal is broken, change it.
    8. Change an appropriate solenoid valve.
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