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    Solenoid Valve, 2 Way, Normally Open, 24V/220V for air water oil

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    2/2-way N/O solenoid valve, 2-port 2-position Normally Open, pilot-operated type, brass body and NBR seal, port sizes ranging from G1/2", G3/4" to G2", power supply DC 24 Volt and AC 110, 220 Volt available, general purpose solenoid valve safe and fast switching of air, water and oil, favorable price and high reliability.
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    Genral purpose Two-way two-position Normally Open (NO) brass electric solenoid valves are used to release and shut off the flow of air, water and oil with power supply of 24V DC or 110V AC, 220V AC. The solenoid valve is closed when the solenoid is energized; the valve is open when the solenoid is de-energized. It is widely used in the areas like mechanical, textile, medical, food processing and so on.


    Model 2WK160-15 2WK200-20 2WK250-25 2WK350-35 2WK400-40 2WK500-50
    Valve Type 2 Way 2 Position, Normally Open
    Media Water, Oil, Air
    Operation Mode Pilot-operated
    Port Diameter (mm) 16 20 25 35 40 50
    Flow Rate (Cv) 4.8 7.6 12 24 29 48
    Port Size G1/2" G3/4" G1" G1¼" G1½" G2"
    Fluid Viscosity Under 20 CS
    Operating Pressure Water, Oil: 0~0.5MPa (0~72psi) Air: 0~0.7MPa (0~101psi)
    Max. Pressure Resistance 1.0MPa
    Voltage (Optional) 24V DC, 110V AC, 220V AC
    Voltage Tolerance ±10%
    Operating Temperature -5~+85℃ (23~185℉)
    Body Material Brass
    Seal Material NBR
    Coil Power 20VA

    2-Way Normally Open Solenoid Valve Dimensions

    Model Dimension
    Port size (inch) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
    2WK160-15 G1/2" 67.5 55.5 124.5
    2WK200-20 G3/4" 73 55.5 130
    2WK250-25 G1" 94 72.5 136.5
    2WK350-35 G1¼" 120 92.5 151.5
    2WK400-40 G1½" 122 92.5 157.5
    2WK500-50 G2" 129 95 170

    Two-way Solenoid Valve Symbol
    2-Way Solenoid Valve Symbol
    5 Tips for Solenoid Valve Maintenance

    1. Regular inspection and maintenance, once or twice a year, is the best way to ensure the solenoid valve reliable work and long service life.
    2. When the solenoid valve is put into operation after the installation or after a long time stop, it needs to inject the medium for several times for test runs. The solenoid valve cannot be placed into service until it works normally.
    3. Before the maintenance, the power supply of solenoid valve must be cut off and the pressure of the medium should be discharged.
    4. The coil components should not be disassembled.
    5. All parts of the solenoid valve should be put in order when the valve is disassembled for cleaning. Thus, it is able to assemble the parts in order after cleaning.
    Existing reviews of Solenoid Valve, 2 Way, Normally Open, 24V/220V for air water oil
    Do you provide the solenoid valve we need?
    We need Galvanized carbon steel and nylon solenoid valves. Do you provide it?
    From: Garyca | Date: 26/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Unfortunately no, don't provide galvanized carbon steel and nylon solenoid valve.
    We provide brass and stainless steel valves only.
    What is the rated power of the 2 way solenoid valve?
    What is the power rating for your ATO 2 way valve 24VDC?
    From: Atalla | Date: 04/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    The power rating is 5W.
    Great Item, Good Service
    Last month, I bought the 24V DC version of this 2 way solenoid valve for preventing fresh water from overflowing bowl. It works really perfectly as so far. As summer is coming, I am considering using one of other version to water my small garden.
    From: Rubem | Date: 20/03/2019
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