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    Split Core Current Transformer, 400A/5A, 800A/5A to 2000A/5A

    Split core current transformers for sale are available in current ratios from 400A/5A, 600A/5A, 800A/5A to 2000A/5A. Unique design and split core construction for easy installation without disconnecting cables. Ideal for power monitoring systems, providing accurate measurements and easy installation to ensure efficient energy management.
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    Higher quality split core current transformer has a unique split core design, rated output current 5A, accuracy class 0.5 and 0.3, center aperture 94mm, epoxy resin inductor package, power ≤1.5VA. various sizes are available, including 400A/5A, 600A/5A, 800A/5A, 1000A/5A to 2000A/5A are optional to meet different application requirements.


    Model ATO-ZDKCT94M
    Operating Frequency Low frequency
    Intermediate Bore Diameter 94mm
    Rated Input Current 400A 600A 800A 1000A 1250A 1500A 2000A
    Rated Output Current 5A
    Accuracy 0.5 0.3
    Linear Range 1.5 Time Rated 1.2 Time Rated
    Withstanding Voltage 6KV
    Power ≤1.5VA
    Main Place Indoor
    Working Frequency 20Hz~400Hz
    Ambient Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Ambient Humidity Relative humidity <80%
    Insulation Resistance >1000MΩ at normal temperature
    Altitude 1000m
    Package Type Epoxy resin inductors
    Core Shape Epoxy
    Skeleton Material Plastic
    Allowable Tolerance 0.005
    Flame Retardant Conforms to UL94-Vo
    Heat Resistance Grade Class B (130)
    Mounting Method Open-close type with mounting base
    Isolation Voltage 6kV/50Hz, 1Min
    Atmospheric Conditions No serious influence on the insulation of the transformer dirt and erosive and explosive media.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Split core current transformer 400A/5Ato 2000A/5A dimension


    • The primary of the current transformer should be connected in series in the current circuit to be measured, and the secondary should be operated approximately in a short-circuit state.
    • Split-core current transformer secondary circuit is not allowed to open, so please do not install fuses.
    • Split-core current transformer should be connected to the secondary circuit before connecting to the primary circuit and tightening the screws if installing with electricity.


    Split core ct 400A 5A to 2000A 5A with feature

    1. Insulation Flame-retardant Shell: Flame-retardant shell of the current transformer, in case of open flame or not ignite, insulation to prevent energization to protect the line.
    2. Imported Silicon Steel: Imported silicon steel core, strong magnetic conductivity, durable and not easy to heat, to protect the load capacity of the current transformer.
    3. Full-turn Copper Coil: Copper wires arranged in close order along the current transformer core around the uniform distribution, lower resistance, stable performance.
    4. Quality Assurance: Each core current transformer has gone through layers of calibration and inspection, and the accuracy is confirmed to be qualified before leaving the factory.

    Tips: Installation Tips for Split Core Current Transformer

    Installing a split core ct is a critical task to ensure accurate and safe current measurement. First, make sure that the power supply is disconnected. Open the split core, ease it over the cable and secure it firmly with the fastening screws. Ensure that the current transformer core is completely closed, leaving no gaps.

    Connect the output cable to the measuring device, taking care to match the polarity. Recheck the mounting firmness. Restart the power supply and monitor the system to ensure proper operation.

    After installation, check periodically to ensure that the current transformer core has not loosened to ensure accurate measurements. Always follow the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer for installation and seek professional assistance if necessary.

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