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    Sweep/AM/FM Function Signal Generator

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    The series of function signal generators can modulate AM/AF internally and externally, have linear and logarithmic frequency sweep functions. Frequency range 0.1Hz~2MHz/3MHz/5MHz for selection, built-in 0.1Hz-30MHz frequency counter. It can output 7 waveforms including sine wave, square wave, triangle wave and ramp wave and others.
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    • Function signal generator price is affordable, low distortion, high stability and durability.
    • Sweep time and width are adjustable, with external voltage control frequency function (VCF).
    • Can output TTL/CMOS compatible signals. The main output signal has DC compensation and 40dB attenuation.


    Model ATO-FSG-80
    Frequency Range 0.1Hz~2MHz 0.1Hz~3MHz 0.1Hz~5MHz
    Output Amplitude 10Vp-p (50Ω load)
    Output Impedance 50Ω ± 10%
    Attenuation -20dB±1dB
    DC Offset <-5V to >+5V (50Ωload)
    Duty Rate 80%: 20%: 80%
    Display 6 digit LED display
    Amplitude Control 0dB/20dB and fine tune
    Sine Waveform 
    Distortion ≤1%, 0.5Hz~100kHz
    Flatness ≤0.3dB (<200kHz)
    ≤0.53dB (≥200kHz)
    ≤0.3dB (<300kHz)
    ≤1dB (≥300kHz)
    ≤0.3dB (<500kHz)
    ≤1dB (≥500kHz)
    Rise/Fall Time ≤30ns
    VCF Output 
    Input Voltage 0V~10V ±1V (100:1)
    Sweep Operation 
    Sweep Width Max. 100:1 adjustable
    Sweep Mode Linear/Logarithmic selectable
    Frequency Counter 
    Measuring Range 0.1Hz~30MHz
    Internal/external Selectable
    Resolution Max. 10nHz at 1Hz
    0.1Hz at 50MHz
    Sensitivity ≤35mVrms (5Hz~30MHz)
    Input Impedance 1MΩ/150pF
    Power Supply 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
    Dimension 250W*100H*260L mm
    Certification CE

    Panel Real Shot

    Product Panel Real Shot of Sweep/AM/FM Function Signal Generator

    Tips: Function signal generator frequency, output impedance, and output amplitude.

    1. Frequency is also called frequency resolution, is the minimum adjustable frequency resolution, which is the smallest time increment that can be used when creating a waveform. Frequency accuracy is the deviation between frequency value and true value displayed by signal source, it is usually expressed by relative error. 
    2. Output impedance of function signal generator refers to the equivalent impedance of signal source from the output end. For example, output impedance of a low-frequency signal generator is usually 600Ω, the high-frequency signal generator is usually 50Ω, and the television signal generator is usually 75Ω. 
    3. Output amplitude is generally expressed by voltage or decibel, which refers to the effective range of output signal amplitude. In addition, the output amplitude reading of function signal generator is defined on the output impedance matching condition, so the problem of output impedance matching must be paid attention to.
    Existing reviews of Sweep/AM/FM Function Signal Generator
    Great value, works perfectly
    Easy to use and very functional. FM function signal generator works as expected. Seven kinds of waveforms can be output freely, great little sweep function signal generator for the money.
    From: Peder | Date: 11/10/2021
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