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    Tilt Sensor, Switch Output, Single axis/ Dual axis, ±15°

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    Cheap single axis/ dual axis tilt sensor online for sale, switch output, with measuring range ±15°, absolute accuracy 0.1°, power supply 12V or 24V, wide range alarm angle valve 0-55°. ATO industrial tilt switch is widely used in underground drilling rig attitude navigation, geological equipment tilt detection, railway locomotive monitoring, oil drilling equipment.
    SKU: ATO-LCA331
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    Low price tilt sensor is suitable for tilt detection in underground drilling rig attitude navigation, geological equipment tilt detection, railway locomotive monitoring, and oil drilling equipment. High precision inclinometer sensor, single or dual axis, switch output, measuring range ±15°, absolute accuracy 0.1°, and power supply 12V or 24V. Wide range alarm angle valve 0-55° for selection.


    Model Single Axis: ATO-LCA331/Dual Axis: ATO-LCA332
    Alarm Angle Value 0-55°
    Power supply 12V/ 24V
    Max. alarm output current 1000mA
    Working current 40mA
    Measuring range 15°
    Measuring axis X, Y
    Resolution 0.05°
    Absolute accuracy 0.1°
    Long-term stability 0.05
    Zero temp. coeffiecient -40~85℃ ±0.006 ℃
    Temp. sensitivity coefficient -40~85℃ ≤100 ppm/ ℃
    Power on time 0.1s
    Response time 0.2s
    MTBF 5000h/ time
    IR ≥100M
    Impact resistance 100g@11ms, 3 times/ axis (half sinusoid)
    Anti-shock 10grms, 10-1000Hz
    Waterproof IP67
    Cable m, shield cable: 4*0.04mm²
    Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS
    Warranty 12 months



    Dimension of switch output tilt sensor

    Tilt Sensor Installation Direction Diagram

    The installation must guarantee the inclinometer sensor bottom is parallel to measured face,and reduce the influence of dynamic and acceleration to the tilt sensor. This inclinometer sensor can be installed horizontally or mounted vertically, for installation please refer to the following scheme.

    Installation of tilt sensor

    Tips: What is Tilt Sensor?

    The tilt sensor is also an angle switch, using the core control unit and the principle of the capacitor miniature pendulum. Using the principle of earth's gravity, when the inclination unit is tilted, the earth's gravity will produce a component of gravity on the corresponding pendulum, and the corresponding capacitance will change. The inclination angle can be obtained by amplifying, filtering, and converting the capacitance. The tilt switch is a simple structure, convenient use, convenient installation, strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference, and can withstand large shocks and vibrations. It is an ideal choice for industrial equipment and platform measurement attitude!

    Existing reviews of Tilt Sensor, Switch Output, Single axis/ Dual axis, ±15°
    Product Consultation
    I need a tilt sensor that can work like a toggle switch. In the middle position the switch is inactive. Pushing it to one side or another, activates two different solenoids. Can any of your tilt sensors have a capability to act as such toggle switch?
    From: Alex | Date: 11/06/2024
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    ATO Responded
    LCA331 can Not be used as a simple 2-position toggle switch.
    Our inclinometer does Not use this toggle switch principle, but will output a relay signal after exceeding a certain angle.
    High quality tilt sensor
    The standout feature of this tilt sensor is its switch output, providing a  clear and reliable indication of the tilt angle. The sensor is very accurate and has been able to detect even small changes in tilt angle. The sensor is also easy to install and can be calibrated quickly and easily.
    From: Ogden | Date: 14/03/2023
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    ±15° switch output tilt sensor easy to install
    The ±15° switch output tilt sensor I bought has been received. I installed it according to the steps described on the product page and it was installed in a while. The experience after installation is also very good.
    From: Veronica | Date: 08/11/2021
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