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    3 Phase Forward Reverse Switch, 15A/ 30A/ 60A Heating Current

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    3 phase forward and reverse switch online for sale, with working current 7A/ 12A/ 20A, heating current 15A/ 30A/ 60A, working voltage 220V/ 380VAC, 3-phase. The forward and reverse switch is mainly used in the fields where the equipment needs to rotate in both directions, such as electric vehicles, cranes, elevators, elevators, etc.
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    Factory price forward reverse switch with metal external material, IP44 protection grade. 3 phase reverse forward switch has the advantages of easy installation, high protection level, simple operation and long service life.


    Model QS-15 QS-30 QS-60
    Working current 7A 12A 20A
    Heating current 15A 30A 60A
    Working voltage 220V 1.7kW/ 380V 3kW 220V 3.4kW/ 380V 5.5kW 220V 5.5kW/ 380V 10kW
    Rated voltage 220V/ 380VAC
    Phase 3 phase
    Protection grade IP44
    Application Forward, stop, reverse
    External material Metal
    Color Grey
    Weight 1kg
    Certificate CCC
    Warranty 12 months

    Mounting dimension (mm)


    Mounting dimension of forward reverse switch

    QS-30/ QS-60

     Mounting dimension of forward reverse switch

    Outer dimension (mm)

    Dimension of forward and reverse switch

    Tips: Precautions for Using Forward and Reverse Switch.

    1. Altitude: no more than 2000m.
    2. The ambient air temperature is -5°C +40°C, and the average temperature within 24h does not exceed +35°C.
    3. Atmospheric conditions: the relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% at +40℃, and higher relative humidity can be achieved at lower temperatures. The monthly average minimum temperature of the wettest month does not exceed +25℃. The monthly average of the month is The maximum average relative humidity does not exceed 90%, and the condensation that occurs on the product due to temperature changes is considered.
    4. The inclination to the vertical plane does not exceed ±5°.
    5. In a non-explosive dangerous medium, and there is no place in the medium where there is enough gas and conductive dust to corrode metal and damage the insulation.
    6. In places with rain and snow protection equipment and not full of water vapor.
    7. In a place where there is no significant shaking, impact and vibration.

    Existing reviews of 3 Phase Forward Reverse Switch, 15A/ 30A/ 60A Heating Current
    Cheap 3-phase forward and reverse switch
    This 3-phase forward and reverse switch is much cheaper than those purchased on other websites. I bought three of them, and the merchant gave me some discounts, and I will buy them again if I have a chance.
    From: Schaller | Date: 31/10/2021
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